Bdsm – Sm – Bondage: My Submissive Angel.

This is the story of how I met the most amazing submissive Petite Indian Teen Wakes Up And Fucks Extremely Hard With Dirty Desi Hindi Talking little girl I’ve ever known. The true love of my life.

I happened upon her by accident one day. While cutting my lawn, I saw her stomping angrily by my house, going towards her home from school. An eighteen-year-old sexy young girl hurrying past me as I cut the lawn. The most beautiful young lady I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

That is how I got the chance to Hard core Indian Porn Movie train Ada, into the proper little subby for me her new Daddy. Furthermore, she learned to love every minute of it.

She was African/American beauty with the darkest skin, so dark it shined like onyx. She looked almost as if her skin was made of black satin. With her emerald green eyes and long dark hair, pulled into ponytails on either side of her head. Making her look so much younger than her eighteen years of life.

She was small in stature, maybe Indian Brother Fucking Sister Hot Sex Videos one hundred pounds, and very short. Her head came up to my chest. If I had to guess I’d say maybe about five foot two, or maybe three. Tiny is the word I would use to describe her.

Me, I’m totally the opposite of my angel. Older forty-something, Divorced Caucasian male. Slight Budweiser beer belly, long blonde hair with blue eyes. I’m six foot and two hundred and twenty pounds. I tower over her small frame.

My name is Tom and I was raised by my dad who swore Indian Mom And Son Romance In Kitchen by the words, “The races aren’t supposed to be mixed”.

Don’t get me wrong, Dad wasn’t racist in the least, he never preached hate. But he believed there were too many differences in our races to ever support a mixed relationship. I believed him to be a Separatist after I understood that word.

I eventually learned that Ada was different, she changed MY DAD SNEAKED OUT FROM MY MOM039S ROOM AND TOOK ME TO AN UNCOMPLETED BUILDING AND FUCKED ME MERCILESSLY AND LEFT MY PUSSY RECKLESSLY my whole thought process. She was so friendly and open to me, despite our differences. She taught me how we could be different and still want some of the same things. She truly opened my eyes to acceptance.

But that first day while I watched her walking along my fence line. Ada dropped her book bag, and her papers and books scattered about the sidewalk. She knelt just in front of my gate in front of my residency.

I walked up and I noticed her face showingI Fucked My Step D. By Her Trousers Fuck hole While Conversing To Her Homies signs of crying, the moisture making her mascara run. Quickly shutting the lawnmower down, I walked over and knelt down to help her.

Kneeling down next to her and helping to corral the blowing sheets of paper. She looked at me just as I noticed her legs spread and the crotch of her panties in full view. Embarrassed, I turned back to the ground, but I think I caught her smiling.

The sight of the white cotton gusset straining to BANGBROS Stepmom 3 Way With The Latina Maid Abby Lee Brazil contain her puffy dark chocolate pussy lips immediately caused a reaction in my pants. I couldn’t contain myself from smiling as my tongue licked my lips.

As I stole glimpses of her modesty I realized she was using my thigh to steady herself. I also realized her fingers were massaging close to where my cock was straining down the leg of my jeans. It was electric, the chemistry between us.

As we finished picking up her school work, I grasped her arm and helped her to her feet. Ada continued staring at the JAVHUB Horny Maid Penetrates Her Boss To Keep Her Job bulge in my jeans. It was almost like an invitation to me, to get better acquainted with her.

So, I invited her in through the gate and up to sit on my porch swing to talk about what had upset her. Sitting down next to me, she leaned in dropping her face against my chest as the tears started flowing more freely.

Ada kept blubbering a male name but all I could feel was, how her hand had dropped Oldxschool Fmd 399 01 01 onto my thigh and her pinkie and ring finger were resting on the head of my now hardening cock.

I kept whispering to myself under my breath, “Please, Keep yourself under control.”

I’m thinking that whoever had hurt her was a complete idiot. But the only thing I could actually pay attention to was, the incredible cock massage I was receiving. I don’t even know if she knew what she was doing but it was driving me crazy.

I could feel the precum dripping onto my leg and wondered if she would notice Indian Horny Mother Comes Her Sons Room And Drive His Dick Very Hard Real Homemade a wet spot in my jeans. There was no sign of her stopping so I pulled her tight to me and my hands grabbed her around the small of her back.

My hot breath lingering against her neck, and her warm breath and lips against my chest. Then I felt her hand move slightly, encircling my cock, and I realized that she knew exactly what she was doing.

I reached down and grabbed her hand, not trying to hurt her but trying to gain control. Quickly tugging her up onto her feet and leading her into my house.

I didn’t give her time to think because as soon as I closed the door, I grabbed her shoulders and pushed her to her knees. She made a slight grunt and then looked up from her kneeling position. As she watched me unbuckle my belt and unzip my pants, there was a questioning look upon her face.

So I started to explain the consequences of her actions. Looking Bhabhi Ke Sath Ludo Game. Winner Takes Advantage. Total Hindi Video down upon my tiny guest as my cock came into her view, Ada’s eyes opened wide. I’m not huge in cock size but, my cock gets pretty thick as bd flows through its veins.

I laid all six and a half, thick inches across her face while I freed my Hot Indian Mom Big Lush Caboose Sopy Massage pants from my hips to fall down my legs. Then I grabbed the two ponytails on either side of her head yanking some, causing her mouth to drop open and I *guided the head into her mouth.

I heard her make a cute little growl, and that’s when I knew I could own her. Inch by inch I slowly started feeding her my cock. Till my crown touched the back of her throat, gagging her slightly.

“Open wide for me, Kitten”, are the first words Madrastra Me Cura Chupandomela Que Rico Me Chupa La Polla Mi Linda Madrastra Cuando Estoy Enfermo Y Mi Hermanastra Esta En La Cocina Sin Saber Lo Que Hacemos I spoke since my cock slid past her lips.

I slowly added more and more pressure to the back of her throat.

I told her to “Swallow it for me”.

Reaching down and pinching her cute little nipple through her shirt, I felt her throat open and I slid in deeper. Her gurgling excited me as I used her mouth like a pussy.

That’s when I really started thrusting deeper. Cinching up on her BUGGER A BABE WHILE GULPING TESTICLE ponytails, like they were handlebars. My balls were slapping her chin as saliva dripped down onto her school uniform blouse. *

I continued fucking her mouth like she was a seasoned cocksucker, not allowing her any excuses because my next blow job would be even harder on her. I would use her body just as I wished too.

Her grunts and moans were like a symphony to me as a thoroughly raped her face. By the time I was ready to fill her mouth with my cum, her tears had saturated her entire face. I never warned her, I just fucked her throat harder and deeper.

It was as if she knew her job because her tongue คลิปหลุดน้องเว continued tickling the underside of my cockhead and her suction increased exponentially.

Ada was literally sucking my balls empty. It was like she needed my cum to survive, and I was going to let her have all she could stand and so much more.

I came hard, stream after stream of hot cum emptying into her tight mouth. She gagged and 女兒的朋友2 coughed by tried her best to swallow all of my spooge. Pulling my cock free I told her what a good girl she was for me.

After I emptied my balls into her mouth, I staggered back and sat down on my sofa. Looking directly at her and demanded that she crawl over and clean up her mess.

She looked at me puzzled until I pointed at my cock, and she slowly 健身房女私教被学员带去酒店玩弄,还主动说不用戴套操着才过瘾 crawled over and went right to work licking the remnants of my cum and her saliva off my now flaccid cock.

Her mouth was warm against my skin and I enjoyed her ministrations. When I was clean and tucked back into my pants, she crawled into my lap and her tears started to flow again. Her sobbing touched my heart and all I wanted to do was comfort her.

I slowly rocked against the couch and comforted my new little playtoy. Putting her almost 编号DY44 遇到一个艺术生兼职做按摩师,于是勾搭,成功加微,然后去酒店啪啪,口,全程露脸,骚对话,内射!大基霸给按摩师弟弟操的甩 to sleep right there in my arms. Telling her that I would make it all better for her and care for her unconditionally.

Her sobbing had almost stopped and she began cooing and moaning. My hands were gently wrapped around her waist and massaging her bare thighs. Slowly awakening her sexual needs again.

When she was finally relaxed I lifted her to her feet and told her REC- KOREAN MOVIE to take her cute little panties off. Her eyes widened and she immediately lowered her panties and I got a view of the tightest little teenie gash.

She was so shy as I stared at her pussy and I loved watching her innocence disappear as she soon began to offer her little pussy to me. Pushing her hips forward with a sexy little wiggle.

Then I reached into my credenza drawer and pulled COLLEGE STUDENT MASTURBATING IN THE TOILET 01 out a set of pink bunny ears, that were laying around since Easter a few years ago.

She giggled and said, “What are these for, Sir?”

So I told her that she was my special little 长得酷似易烊千玺的帅哥 chocolate bunny, and I wanted to show her exactly what I do with my sweet chocolate bunnies.

So I picked up her panties and balled them up, and then I shoved them into her mouth. I grabbed her at the waist and tossed her on the couch on her hands and knees.

As she struggled slightly, I pushed her head down and positioned 大鸡吧男操男友 her arms between her legs as she started to tremble. Using a set of furry handcuffs I kept next to the bunny ears I bound her wrists together.

Pulling Ada’s hands by the small chain between the cuffs, brought her ass up and her face down, causing her to open up more for me.

I leaned in and kissed each of her delicious asscheeks. Tight and separated HOT BOY 306 by her position, exposing her moist pussy and succulent asshole, which I wholeheartedly intended to take advantage of.

Holding her hands taut, I leaned in and swiped my tongue between her cheeks, licking the nether region of her back hole, causing her to squeal, wiggle and moan.

My saliva lubing her slowly but surely. I began to feel her shaking as her moans got louder and then I slid the tip of my tongue inside her anal ring. Feeling her squeeze me as I moved deeper, listening to her little girl sounds get louder the more excited she became.

I started to slowly tongue fuck her virgin asshole. Pushing into her and feeling KOREAN GIRL & TATOO her backdoor slowly relax. As my tongue worked on opening her asshole, I used the flat of the palm of my hand to spank her pussy.

I could hear and feel her moisture as it leaked onto my hand. She was beginning to lose herself and I had to grasp the handcuffs tighter to keep control.

Her pussy lips started to swell and gain a redness, and I’m sure the way she was squirming the spanking on her pussy was taking a toll on her. Slapping her wet pussy and tongue fucking her ass was exactly where I wanted to be.

Slowly making that little slut mine. Opening my new toy up like a present for BA-CUN-PHON-LHT-16 my cock. As she began mumbling through her homemade panty gag I realized she was getting closer to cumming.

That’s when I decided to slide two of my fingers into her now very wet pussy. As I pushed into her she spits out her makeshift gag and went into what could only be described as a seizure. Her body started twitching uncontrollably and she was grabbing at herself, and an ungodly wail came from somewhere inside her.

It wasn’t in her normally sweet voice like before, it was like someone or something had possession of her body. I literally think she either pissed herself or she squirted for the first time because my arms were soaked and so was my couch.

After the shaking stopped my chocolate bunny curled into a fetal 高清KTV夜店酒吧中国台湾日本韩国麻豆古装换脸美尻口交中出内射高潮巨乳潮吹刘玥甜美主播网红处女女同JKGAY对白美女CHINESE电影东北人妻 position and became very docile and sensitive to my touch as she dozed off to sleep. I just rubbed her legs and thighs trying to keep her calm, and soothed her down, telling her how wonderful she was for me, and how proud I was that she made it through her first test.

As I sat there treating my new kitten to her first little bit of aftercare, I kept thinking to myself how fucking proud she made me today.

That’s when she sat up and said, “Test?” So I explained how I had been looking for a new Paramore to train and love, and as soon as I had seen her I knew I needed to try to get to know her better.

Looking at the clock I saw that it was getting late. So I helped her clean up and put on her still moist panties. As I walked her to the door I explained to her to be back early tomorrow and we would continue her training.

She just kissed me and smiled saying, “Yes, Daddy.”

Cuckold, threesome stories: My Wife’s New Shoes.

The last thing Lynn said as I walked Curved Ladyboy Slut Fucked In Asshole By A Best Friend out the door was, “I’m offshopping this morning, where will you meet me”. “Your choice” wasmy reply. Lynn said, “Ok. Meet me at the Shoe Shop about midday,I need some new shoes for the Annual Dinner next week”. I replied“Yes” and left the house to visit a mate.If you’ve been following Lynn’s escapades, you’ll know that we’vebeen married for 25 years and she is a blonde aged 45 year old,who Juicy Candid Pawg Ass Chubby Hotty With Sexy Ginormous Tits Sunbathing In Her Panty Topless just loves the feel of a man lying between her thighs. Icannot complain, I love to watch her with a hard cock inside her.We’ve had this open arrangement ever since we wed.I left Alan’s place at almost midday and made my way to the Shoeshop. Has I walked past the window I could see Lynn sat Gentle Hump With A Huge chested Doll on astool whilst a guy who looked about 50 years old was sliding ablack patent leather high heeled shoe on to her right foot. Lynnwas wearing a skirt which normally would have come to just aboveher knees, however, it buttoned up the front and it was obviousthat at least 1 button had come undone.I walked into the shop and Lynn looked up and smiled as she said,“Hi sweetheart Hot boy gay china sex xxx A mutual blowing_sixty-nine has the very, Robert is being very helpful, but I can’t make upmy mind”. Her cheeky grin told me Amateur Deep Throat she was enjoying the attentionsof Robert. She asked Robert if she could try on the blue shoes,so Robert leaned over and grabbed the shoe, he took a hold ofLynn’s right foot and having removed the black shoe, slowly slidthe blue shoe on to her black stocking clad foot. Lynn uncrossedher legs and said, “What do you think”. I smiled and said theylooked nice. Lynn then asked Robert for a red pair with 4 inchheels, he said he would go look, he then went into the backstoreroom.Whilst he was gone, Lynn said, “I’m enjoying this, it’s fun”.Lynn then undid two buttons on her skirt Sex-anime so that you could see thetop lacy part of her stockings. When Robert returned he knelt infront of Lynn and took a red shoe out of its box. Lynn raised herright foot, only this time she didn’t cross her legs, I watched asRobert glanced up at Lynn’s thighs, Lynn just smiled. She said“What do you think, do you like them”. Her foot was still inRobert’s hand as she let her legs drift lazily apart. I No Queriacute_a Que La Grabaran Mamando La Verga De Su said theylooked very good, she then asked Robert if he had them in taupe,he again went to the rear storeroom.Whilst he was gone again, I said, “he must be able to see yourpanties”. Lynn smiled and said “No he can’t, anyway, I’m notwearing any, but he’ll find out soon enough”. I called her arandy slut as Robert walked back into the shop. I also noticedthat Ecuatoriana under her cotton blouse she wasn’t wearing a bra and hernipples were xvideos porn starting to poke through the material. Lynn’s blousewas already undone down to the middle of her cleavage, so when shebent forward Robert can’t have failed to see the top half of herbreasts. This time when Robert returned he dragged a fittingstool in front of Lynn and sat on it, he took a hold of her rightfoot and placed it on the foot-rest, he then took the shoe out ofthe box and raising Lynn’s foot, slipped the shoe on. Has he didso, Lynn allowed her legs to drift apart, I could see the insidetops of her thighs, so Robert must have had a pretty good view ofher unrestrained cunt lips.I watched as Robert began running hishand up and down Lynn’s lower TUTOR4K. Middle aged Tutor Saves Students Life But Gets Tricked Into Fucking leg, all the time gazing up herskirt at her pussy. Lynn coughed and Robert, slightly embarrassedlooked up at her and said, “Yes”. Lynn said, “Do you have thesein red please Robert”. He said he would go look. When he leftLynn said, “I’m enjoying this”. Has she spoke she undid 1 buttonon her skirt and another on her blouse, so that her stocking topswere clearly visible and her blouse was now undone to below hertits. Lynn said, “What do you think, will he try to touch mypussy, I do hope so, god I feel like a real slut today”. I saidthat she looked like one, Lynn just smiled and said, “But you loveit when I flash my cunt and tits at strangers”. Just then Robertreturned with another pair of shoes.Robert again My Best Friend039_s Mom Let Me Cum Inside Her Tight Pussy sat on the footstool and raising Lynn’s foot againslipped on the new shoe. This time Robert raised Lynn’s foot evenhigher. Lynn allowed her legs to drift further apart, there wasno doubt that Robert could see her pussy. Lynn bent forward andran her hands along her stocking covered leg from her knees to herthighs, has she bent forward, Robert gazed into her blouse andsavoured the Shy view of Lynn’s tits and nipples. Lynn took a hold ofher stocking top and attempted to pull it higher, which made herlegs move even further apart, Robert was really starting to enjoythe view. He again began running his hand up and down her lowerleg, having received no formal rebuke for his actions, Robertbegan to move his hands higher until he was touching her barethighs. Lynn then said to Robert, “do you have any other shoesthat might suit me”. Robert said that they did and why didn’t shecome into the back storeroom and choose a couple of pairs. Lynnsaid that was a good idea and asked him to lead the way.Robert entered the storeroom whilst Lynn came over to me and gaveme a kiss, she then stood up and undid another button on her skirtand blouse, there was only 2 buttons holding her skirt up and 1button holding her blouse shut. Lynn said, “if I’m not back in 2days, send a search party”, then winking at me she followed Robertinto the storeroom. I walked to the storeroom door and stoodlooking in. Lynn TS Janelle Ultimately Gets Buttfuck By Bigcock was stood in front of Robert and I heard Robertsay, “If you want to see the stock, climb up the little ladder andyou can see the outline pictures of the styles, that way you canchoose the shoes you want”. Lynn said, “Where will you be” andRobert said, “Right here Cheating Spouse Barebacked By Shemale holding the ladder”. Lynn said, “Okaylets do it” and began climbing the ladder until she was at theright height for the shoes her size, which just happened to putthe bottom of her skirt level with Roberts eyes.Once Lynn was up the ladder she reached up for a pair of shoes, Iwatched her skirt rise up so that the tops of her stockings wereon view. Lynn said to Robert, “I don’t feel safe up here, I needsteadying”. Robert reached out and placed his hands on the backsof Lynn’s legs above her knees, Lynn said that felt better. Lynngrabbed a pair of shoes and half turning passed them to Robert,who took them in one hand. Lynn then turned round on the ladderand leaning back so she was sat on the top rung, moved her rightfoot out so that Robert could slip the shoe on. Once the shoe wason her foot, Lynn lifted her foot so that she could see the shoe,this made her skirt open more Chinese money_boy 倾辛(qingxing) with two men in Shanghai so that Robert could see her hairypussy, Lynn said, “What do you think”. Robert said it was lovely,absolutely lovely. Lynn said, “Are you referring to the shoe orsomething else”. Robert just smiled and reached up and placed hishands on the tops of Lynn’s thighs.Lynn moved down the ladder until she was stood Sissy Snake Charm 4 BBC – Princess Danni on the floor infront of Robert. He moved his hands up from her legs as she 中国小骚货怕被发现 camedown the ladder so that his hands were now around her waist andher skirt was also pulled up to her waist. She said to Robert,“Oh dear, I seem to be stood here in front of a strange man, withmy skirt wide open and my husband only 10 metres away”. Robertapologised and went to remove his hands, Lynn took a hold of hishands and placed them back on her hips, she moved her hand’s uptoher blouse and pulled it open so that both breasts were openly ondisplay to his gaze. Lynn said, “Feel them Robert, I need you tosqueeze my nipples, you’ve been looking up my skirt for the past30 minutes, you must want to touch my tits”. Robert moved hishand’s upto Lynn’s tits and cupped them both saying how lovelythey felt. Lynn moved closer and began kissing him on the lips, Iwatched as their mouths opened and their tongues probed eachothers mouths. Whilst they kissed, Lynn reached down and beganrubbing the bulge in the front of Roberts trousers, she then beganfumbling with his zip.I watched as Robert rolled Lynn’s nipples between his thumb Uyghur girl_fucking andfingers, Lynn broke off the kiss and loudly said, “Darling be asweetheart and lock the shop door, Robert is far to busy back hereto see other customers”. I replied okay and locked the frontdoor, I then returned to the storeroom door to see Lynn takingRoberts prick out of his trousers. Lynn stood there with his cockin her right hand slowly wanking it, whilst Robert played with hernipples, all the time they were kissing, their tongues darting inand out of each others mouths. Lynn reached up and took hold ofRobert’s right hand and placed it inside the front of her skirt,she guided his hand to her juicy pussy and placed her hand behindhis head as Robert began to explore her moist cunt.Lynn moaned as Robert inserted his fingers inside her cunt, herhand was still holding his cock and wanking him slowly. Afterabout ten minutes of Robert fingering Lynn’s cunt, Lynn slowlybegan to turn 隔壁老王操大奶纹身妹_淫语调戏各种抽插满足这个小骚货 around, has she did so, Roberts fingers slipped fromher pussy and he placed his hand back on her tits. Lynn began tobend at the waist and began to rub Robert’s prick between her arsecheeks. Robert released his hold on her nipples and took a holdof her skirt and lifted it up over her arse, Lynn placed Robertspurple head against her pussy lips and Robert eased his cock deepinto her love tunnel.Lynn turned her head towards Robert and said, “Go on, fuck me,fuck me hard”. Robert grunted has he shoved his cock in and outof Lynn’s cunt, Robert then said “You’re a fucking whore, takinganother man’s prick whilst your hubby is outside waiting for youand your new shoes”. Lynn smiled at Robert and moaning said “Justfuck me, don’t worry about him, make me cum, shoot your spunk deepinside me, fuck me, fuck my cunt”.Robert pounded his hard Desi cock in to my wife, who was gripping thestepladders to steady herself against Robert’s prick has he fuckedher hard. Robert then said “Oh god I’m going to cum”. Lynnmoaned deeply as she said “Yes, yes spunk in me now”. Robertslammed his cock deep into my wife and remained still. His arsecheeks clenched as his prick spewed spunk deep into Lynn’s belly.When he had finished cumming, he eased his prick from her sloppycunt and put his cock back in his trousers. Lynn stood uprightand adjusted her stockings, she turned to Robert and kissed him onthe lips forcing her tongue into his mouth. She broke away fromthe kiss and said “that was great, see Asian you later for more”. Lynnwalked out of the storeroom and kissed me as she passed, sheturned Glav Matures to me and said, “well, come on then, there’s another shoestore around the corner, you don’t want to miss the action doyou”.What a randy whore, she unlocked the door and just strolled intothe shopping mall as if nothing had happened, no doubt, Robertscum running from her pussy and down on to her naked thighs. Gee Ilove the slut!

Dirty fantasies: Bro/Sis Boating.

I had to take my summer Mi EX Regresa Cansada De Estudiar Pero Le Obligo A vacation with my parents. There was nothing else for me to do. I had wanted to go with a couple of guys from my college class, but I simply didn’t have the money to do what they wanted to do. So, just to have a vacation and get away for a while, I went with my folks to the mountain lake they liked so much. The home that they had bought was pretty small, just a cabin, really. It had a tiny veranda that actually served as a boat dock. It was a neat place; I liked the solitude. But, there was my sister. Two No Queriacute_a Que La Grabaran Mamando La Verga De Su years younger than I, she always wanted me to take her out on the lake in our small rowboat. I actually thought about taking her out there and leaving her on the lake and swimming back, it irritated me so much. My folks jumped my shit about my attitude. You know the drill, “She’s your sister, blah, blah.” Yeah, so I took her Morra Disfruta Para El Novio out on the lake with me. It wasn’t really so bad, but a drag nonetheless. Hated her always hanging around. That is until one day, I really began to love it. It was hot; the air in the low mountains didn’t get as cool at night in the higher elevations. The lake was large. I couldn’t even see one end of it from the other. I wasn’t having one hell of a good time, but I wasn’t actually unhappy. Boating was interesting. My sister, Charlene, would simply lie back in the boat and get some sun. She was going to burn, and refused to put on any suntan lotion. One day in particular, she was Hot Midget Adrian Zuki With Boner Fucked really, really red, but insisted on going out to the middle of the lake to jump off the boat and go for a swim. Today, she wore a bikini type of bathing suit that really showed off her body. There were stripes all over the place on her skin from wearing different Gorgeous Teenage Eastern Darling Laura Cums From Fang Riding bathing suits. She looked like a bowl of mixed ice cream — strawberry in one place vanilla in another, and chocolate here and there. She was a mess. Actually, I liked it a lot out in the middle of the lake. I could relax in the sun. It was a particularly hot day. I had worked up quite a sweat rowing out to the middle of the lake. I lay Mi Prima there, in one end of the boat, Charlene in the other. “You’re going to burn, Charlene. Let me put something on you.” She shook her snotty little head. “I want a tan, an all-over tan.” Ha, I thought. “You’re not going to get an ‘all over’ tan wearing that suit,” I said. “It’ll leave stripes all over you, just like you have now. You should see yourself. You’re a mess.” She looked at me. She blinked her eyes rapidly and her chest heaved, the nipples on her tits showing through the material. I had hurt her feelings. I could see a tear gathering the corner of one eye. “Really?” she asked, c g back a sob. I shook my head. “Not really, I’m sorry.” She looked down at herself, and then, without Marcillo Se Culea A Un Otaku Mmv another word, reached behind her head and pulled off her top. I was surprised by the sudden display of naked female flesh. She was beautiful. Her tits were perfect round little melons, centered by dusky red nipples each sticking out firmly. Her tits were upright, jutting up in the air a little. I looked around to be sure that no one was approaching. Off in the distance, I could see another boat, one with an outboard. It was heading in the other direction. To my total surprise, Charlene bent forward and hooked her thumbs in the band Mall Cuties Compilation Of Czech Teen Chicks Seduced And Drilled of her bikini bottoms and slipped them down to her ankles, and then she kicked them toward me. “There,” she said. “No more striped tan lines.” There was a sudden lump in my throat, and one in my trunks. I tried to swallow. That took care of the lump in my throat. The other lump would have to wait, I figured. “Put some lotion on me now,” she said. And she looked right at the bulge in my swim trunks. Without saying anything she lay back in the boat. There wasn’t a whole lot of room to stretch out; she had spread her towel across one of the seats and turned Lo Hacemos En El Coche on her stomach, her nice tight little white buttocks in the air. Her legs were slightly parted. I could see her pink rosebud of an asshole, and beneath that, her pussy lips were parted. Each lip was peppered with dark brown hair. The inner lips were visible, wet and pink. God, was I going crazy, or was my own sister making me horny? “Well?” she asked, looking back at me. “Are you going to, or not?” I reached down and picked up the suntan lotion. With shaking hands, I squirted Neptun Festival 2022 some into one palm, then shakily maneuvered myself closer to her. I glanced around. No one in sight. I began by spreading the lotion on her lower legs, lifting one and rubbing it in as quickly as I could. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, my b *d was racing. This was amazing, I thought, my sister, great body, naked right in front of me, and with her cunt as wet and spread as that, I could see everything. “Ah, that feels good,” she said. I rubbed her legs for a few moments, then moved my hand up to her thighs. I rubbed the lotion on her thighs, then moved toward her inner thighs with both palms, my hands still shaking. I gently Honey Teenie Bang CuTs moved one thumb toward each of her spread pussy-lips. I made contact, and she quietly moaned. “Mmmm, Mike, that feels so good, I don’t believe it,” she said. I needed no further encouragement. I moved one hand completely across her downy pubic hair, running a finger along each lip. She shivered and took a deep breath. Then she turned to look up at me and I’ll never forget what she said, “Mike, umm… can I touch you, too?” she suddenly asked. I looked into her bright blue eyes and was lost, “I need to spread this all over you,” I mumbled, not knowing how to answer her. “Well, hurry up, then, and then take off your trunks,” she said with a giggle. Mesmerized by the sight of my sister’s butt stuck up in the air, my cock was thrashing around in my trunks. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I bent and took off my trunks, my hardon jumping up in the air. She turned and looked at me again. Her eyes went wide and she sat upright, staring right at my cock. “Can I touch that?” I nodded, not able to speak. She leaned forward. I kept my hand on her inner thigh, and as she Horny Swinger Monique Is Getting Her Mature Pussy Pounded leaned, my hand brushed against the downy softness of her pubic hair. She touched the head of my dick with one finger. I gasped. I wasn’t expecting it to feel like that, and I felt my cock jerk. “You have a nice one,” Charlene said. She wrapped her fingers around the base of it. “Nice and thick,” she said. I looked down at my cock. It did look like a nice cock. Then, I wondered to myself what a nice cock looked like, as opposed to an un-nice cock. I laughed at my thought. “What’s so funny?” Charlene asked. “Just wondered what a nice cock looked like, you know, instead of an ugly one.” My voice was choked. She laughed. “You ever seen a cock you didn’t like?” “Not really, but I guess I never really thought Horny Swinger Monique Is Getting Her Mature Pussy Pounded about it.” “You do have a nice one, you know.” She put her hand on my thigh. “I like the way the head is all purpley when it’s hard.” Her touch did something to me, sent electric waves of sensation all over my body. She heard my intake of breath and reached out a finger and very gently rubbed it up and down a small portion of the shaft of my cock. The contact sent shivers of delight up and down my body. My breath gasped at the feeling, the sensations I was experiencing. I loved it. But, it scared me. I wanted to touch her, too. I sat down in the rocking little boat and reached over and cupped one of her tits in my hand. It was warm to the touch, and the skin was smooth, like velvet, like silk. I squeezed gently and stroked upward, and when I reached the nipple, I rubbed my thumb very gently across the erect, red tip. Charlene moaned with pleasure. She began stroking me then. I moved a hand down to her bush, finding the twin lips wet. She spread her legs Kaori Saggy Tits ( Very Very Good ) a little farther apart. We leaned closer to each other, and soon, our heads were touching, each of us staring at the other’s sex. I kept my other hand on her tits, and moved from one to the other and back. She bent forward and, moving down with her tongue, she licked my chin, my neck, and then began kissing my nipples. I kept stroking her gently as her mouth opened and she took one of my nipples and sucked on it. I was in heaven with those sensations. She traveled further down, continuously licking and sucking, probing my navel with her tongue. The entire time, she kept up her stroking with one hand and fondling my balls with the other, kneading them, caressing them gently. My cock came into contact with her cheek then, and she turned and put her tongue on it. She licked down the shaft of it, and I had to let go of her now, because of the twisted position our bodies had assumed. She looked up at my eyes. “Lay back,” she whispered. I did as she asked. Then, I felt her tongue on my balls. Warm Saggy Tits 3 and wet, her tongue flicked out and licked every crevice and hair on my balls, down beneath them, even. The entire time, she kept stroking, speeding it up. She increased speed and pressure, and I knew I was going to cum. She must have known I was going to cum. Maybe she could tell by the way my balls elevated and my hips began to gyrate. I shot my load as she continued licking the base of my shaft and my balls. She stroked and squeezed harder and faster, and I shot load after load of hot cum onto my belly. I lay there for a minute trying to catch my breath as my sister’s hands began\to roam over my cum covered stomach. Finally I took my towel and Pervy Leria Glow Wants Legasy Divine039_s Hairy Pussy Being Enough wiped myself clean. She leaned back in her seat, and I reached over and once again cupped her tits in my hand. “Just lick,” She said. “OK,” I said, my voice shaky and thick. She lay back and I leaned toward her midsection, placing both my hands on her cunt. I began moving my fingers up and down the inner labia, feeling the wetness there as she writhed around. I was now stroking it steadily, and I was so close, I could count the light brown hairs in front Two Teen Shoplifter Got Caught And Gets Fucked HardUpload of my eyes. I put my mouth on the lips, and flicked up with my tongue, touching her clit. She moaned with pleasure. I moved my mouth upward, flicking my tongue across her navel, then up to her round tits. I moved my mouth up to one nipple, caressing it with my lips, letting my tongue run across it as I took it in my mouth. She writhed, her legs jerking. “I love that, Mike.” I moved my mouth to the other nipple, slowly, my tongue blazing a trail from one nipple to another. I continued German Blondes And Boobs gently moving my fingers around her pussy lips, feeling the fine downy hairs running down each side of her cunt. She moved one hand down to her cunt, and I looked down and watched her fingering her hairy bush, the dark brown hair wet from her juices. She spread her legs wide. I dropped my head down, sucking first one nipple again, then the other. I swirled my tongue around each pink-red nipple, then traveled with it to her other mound, and did the same to it. Her face was flushed, and her body began to writhe under me. I could feel the spasms in her legs, and I moved my fingers back to her clit, touching it lightly. I inserted one finger ever so lightly into her cunt, remembering that she said she had never done it before, with anyone. Inside her, I could feel her muscles grasping my finger, trying to hold on to it. She began to moan, and then with a shout, her whole body jerked. “I’m cumming,” she whispered. I stroked harder and faster, and her body gave one enormous spasm, and she shouted, and then laid back, eyes closed. Grabbing Guys Divine Rod Gets A Lusty Riding From Breathtaking Beauty my cock, I half-leaned, half-stood over her, and jerked off on her tits as load after load of white hot cum shot over her chest and neck. I leaned back onto the wooden bench separating the parts of the boat. The boat was rocking back and forth dizzyingly. “Sorry about that, Sis,” I said. “I got carried away.” She looked at me and smiled. She reached up with one hand and rubbed the cum into her tits. She shook her head. “Oh no, Mike, that was Classic porn great. Loved it.” We sat silently for a few moments, each of us looking around the lake. Then, she looked over at my crotch again. “You have a nice body, Mike,” she said. “Yours is great, Sis, even though it does look like Neapolitan ice cream.” She smiled. “I think that sitting out here and sucking one another will take care of that before the summer’s over.” We sat there quietly, my cock suddenly beginning to jerk upward and throb as I looked at my sister’s tits and cunt spread before me like that. “Let’s fuck,” she said. “I thought you didn’t want to,” I said. She didn’t answer, didn’t say a word. She reached over and grabbed my cock, fondling and stroking it to full erection. Then she moved over, and with the boat rocking crazily back and forth, threatening to throw both of us into the water surrounding us, sat on my lap and guided my cock into her hot cunt. Her tits slapped my face, and I buried my face in those little round melons as she pumped up and down on my cock. I could feel the wet smoothness of her hot cunt surrounding my cock. She moved up and down slowly, carefully, not La Cochone De Phoebe wanting the boat to rock too severely. She gripped my cock with her internal muscles somehow, squeezing my dick as it moved in and out of her cunt. I knew that I wasn’t going to last very long. I was too excited, too turned on. It was the excitement, the thrill of doing it out in the open like that, and especially doing it with my sister so unexpectedly. Her pussy was warm and tight around my cock. Her juices flowed down, wetting my cock and my pubic hair. She jerked and cried out, and I knew that she had cum again. I grabbed her ass and lifted her, and fucked her from below, holding her ass in the air as I did so. I came again, great gobs of white-hot cum shooting into her and running out of her cunt onto my lap. As I stopped, we just sat there, my cock still in her, the boat rocking back and forth. She used her internal muscles to squeeze it, milking it dry. I used the muscles in my cock to make it expand and contract, and as she sat on top of me, we sat and smiled at each other. Slowly, she pulled off me and sat on her side Granny porn of the boat. Both of us were naked and had each other’s juices all over us, along with the suntan lotion I had spread on her. The sun was high overhead, and I knew that it was time for us to be heading back for lunch. “We gotta get back,” I said. “Aw, shucks, Mike,” she said. “It’s lunch time,” I said. “We can bring lunch with us tomorrow,” she said. “Yes, and stay out all day, and get really burned,” I answered. She spread her legs and rubbed her pussy lips with her fingers. “This is the only thing that’s going to burn you,” she said. I could feel my cock getting hard again. “Charlene, we have to get back.” She smiled. “I know.” She bent and began putting on her bathing suit. After she had it back on, she turned and looked at my hard cock. She climbed over and positioned herself right in front of my cock. As I rowed, she took it slowly into her mouth. I could feel her hands on my balls, caressing and fondling them. She went down as far as she could on my cock, and I could feel it at the back of her throat. As she moved her head faster and faster, I could feel myself getting ready to cum again. I stopped rowing and put both hands on the back of her head, holding her mouth on my cock. I shot a load of cum in the back of her throat as she tried to move her tongue around my throbbing dick. # A cool glass of iced tea awaited us, along with cold sandwiches for a quick lunch. “You guys enjoy your boating this morning?” Mom asked. “Ugh,” I answered, “It was OK.” “Well, it’s not so bad having your sister along, is it?” I shrugged. Charlene winked. “Not so bad at all, I think,” she said. And, it wasn’t so bad at all. Hell, it was great!

Swinger – swap: Camping with the In-laws.

I’ve never been much of an outdoorsman. In fact, myidea of “roughing it” is checking into a hotel withoutreservations. That’s why I was not very excited aboutthe idea of my wife and I heading out into the sticksfor a whole weekend-especially with my in-laws. Don’tget me wrong, my wife’s sister and her husband are goodpeople; it’s just that they are about as opposite fromNatalie and me as you can get.My wife and I are probably the typical definition ofwhat you’d call “yuppies”. I make a pretty comfortableliving as an account executive in a mid-sizeadvertising agency. We live in a nice home in thesuburbs, have the typical two-kd, one dog, two-carfamily. I spend my weekends playing golf at thecountry club-while my conservative little wife Natalietends to her garden, chauffeurs the kids around, andactively participates in the PTA and her many civicfunctions. It might be boring, but it’s a good life.Natalie’s younger sister and her husband, Steve, alwaysseemed more like people you’d meet at a biker bar.Brash, loud, and sometimes vulgar, they were alwayslooking for a good time. Steve is a firefighter for asmall, rural department. In his early-30s, he’s a huge,barrel-chested guy with a big fu-manchu mustache; andhe obviously spends a great deal of time working outwith weights. Steve was riding bulls on the rodeocircuit when he and Kellie hooked up. He still hasthat rough cowboy persona: very self-confident andalmost cocky, but likeable. I always thought his ideaof the perfect evening must be a twelve-pack on ice andWrestlemania on pay-per-view.Natalie’s 27-year-old sister, Kellie, is a good matchfor Steve and very different from my wife. WhileNatalie is short and petite with long, honey-coloredhair-Kellie is more buxom with short-cropped dark hair.She has fiery eyes and a quick, hearty laugh. Alwaysteasing and flirting, frequently telling off-colorjokes, she has a robust, fun-loving personality.But there’s something else a raw sensuality that isalmost impossible to ignore. While bigger than mywife, Kellie keeps herself in good shape that is easyto see from the revealing outfits she often wears. Shesays Steve likes her to “show off” what she has. Icertainly didn’t mind occasionally sneaking glances ather big, firm breasts.That’s how this whole mess started, I wasabsentmindedly staring at Kellie’s chest, not payingattention, when my bluff was called. But a bet is abet . . .and I always pay-up when I lose. Let meexplain how I got railroaded into this campingadventure:We were over at my wife’s parent’s house for one ofthose obligatory, but usually boring weekend familyget-togethers. We had gone through the normal routineof stuffing ourselves with a huge meal, then most ofthe men in the family fell into the comfortable couchesdownstairs to watch sports on TV. That day it wascollege basketball.Kellie was there too; not surprisingly, she’s one ofthe only females in her family who really likes sports.She had on a tight tank top with no bra-standard attirefor her, as she rested between Steve’s legs with herback to his chest. I kept shifting my focus from thegame to the obvious twin points her nipples were makingin her shirt. That’s when I got caught.“What about it, Mike. Or, are you chicken?” I heardKellie giggling at me, and I looked up to see Stevestaring back at me with a wicked grin.“Huh?” I stammered. “What are you talking about?”“The game,” she laughed. “I said I’ll bet you thatArizona comes back to win.”I glanced over at the screen and checked the score.Arizona was behind by 12 points with less than fourminutes left in the game. Suddenly my male pridekicked in and I blurted out, “No way, it’s over!”“OK, big shot, put your money where your mouth is!”Kellie said smugly.“No problem,” I fired back. “What are the stakes?”Without hesitation she said, “The camping trip!”I groaned aloud. The stupid camping trip! She andSteve had been trying to talk Natalie and me into goingwith them up to some “amazing” spot in the mountainsthey had discovered. They wanted to prove to us howrelaxing and fun it could be to get out of the city,but neither of us really wanted to go. We had beenbegging off on the trip for almost two years.I checked the score again and said, “OK, what do I getif I win?”She leaned back and whispered something to Steve.After some discussion, he nodded and she turned back tome. “If you win, we’ll watch your kids for a weekwhile you and Nat do whatever you want.”That sounded like a pretty good deal. My wife and Ihad been talking about a second honeymoon. Maybe thiswould be the chance to make some plans. After all,Arizona simply had no chance. “You’re on!I’ll spare you the ugly details … except to say Ihope that Arizona guard’s 3-point school record holdsup for a long time. So now my wife and I are packingfor a trip to the wilderness that neither of us reallywanted to make.“I still don’t understand how they talked you intothis,” Natalie sighed. “And why aren’t we taking thekids?”I felt like a chump as I looked over at my pretty wifewho doesn’t like camping any more than I do. “I toldyou, they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse,” I triedto sound sincere. “They said we’d enjoy ourselves alot more the first time if we didn’t have to worryabout the kids getting into trouble. Your mom saidshe’d be happy to watch them.”“Well, this is sure going to be interesting, “Natrolled her eyes. “I can’t remember the last time Islept in a tent. What will we eat, where will weshower? Oh, I hate to be all dirty and scummyfeeling!” She was voicing many of the same concernsfloating around in my head. But before I could sayanything, she surprised me by saying almost to herself,“Of course, Steve is really at home in the mountains.I’m sure he’ll make it fun.”I looked over at my wife, as she seemed lost inthought. This wasn’t the first time she had spoke ofSteve like that-almost like she was impressed with him.Several times over the years she had suggested that Iask my brother-in-law to help me learn some weighttraining. Of course, at 40, I don’t consider myself inbad shape at all. I don’t have masses of muscle likeSteve, but I do jog occasionally and stay active. I’m6′ and not huge, but I’m pretty lean and mean. Still,I often wondered if Natalie didn’t secretly wish I werea little more buff like her brother-in-law.My wife stays in great shape. She was a cheerleader incollege, and she has worked hard to keep her trimfigure. Nat is 5’2″ with perfect breasts for her fameand a tight little ass (my favorite feature). She hasdazzling blue eyes and full, pouting lips. Like I saidbefore, she and Kellie almost look like they came fromdifferent families. Even the way they act isdifferent. While Kellie is outgoing and sometimesbawdy, Natalie is more reserved and feminine.The “fun couple” picked us up in their beat-up oldcamper and we were off. We didn’t own any campinggear, so we were traveling pretty light with only acouple of small bags. Hell, we didn’t even know whatto wear out there, but Steve had said not to worry,he’d make sure we had everything we needed.We bounced along for almost three hours in the back ofthe camper. While Steve drove, the rest of us playedcards, drank a few beers, and visited. I noticed a bedabove the driver compartment and crawled up to take anap. I don’t sleep well in moving vehicles, so Imainly tossed and turned while Nat and Kellie keptpounding down the brews. Pretty soon they werelaughing and teasing each other. My wife doesn’t drinkvery much; so, after only a couple of beers, I couldtell she had a good buzz going. After a while I heardthe two sisters start to whisper and giggle. Icouldn’t tell what they were talking about, but it suresounded like they were discussing something wicked.Finally we jerked to a stop and we all piled out tosurvey our surroundings. I had to admit the scenerywas indeed breathtaking. We were in a secluded mountainvalley with a tranquil-looking lake. It was lateafternoon and the fading sunlight cast an almostsurreal soft glow to the entire area.“Is there anybody else around here?” I wonderedaloud.“Nope, just us and the wildlife,” Steve chuckled.“Most of this is private land. I know the people whoown it and they let us come up here once in a while.In all the times we’ve been here, though, I’ve nevercome across anybody I didn’t expect to see.”“It’s beautiful,” Natalie said. “I can see why youguys like it up here . . .it’s so peaceful.”“Yep, and private …” Kellie piped up. “Perfect placeto go skinny dipping!” For some reason she lookedstraight at me to check my reaction. “Sometimes Steveand I run around here stark naked for days.” Herhusband laughed loudly and I started to say something,then decided against it. I looked over at Natalie andshe seemed to be blushing.“We better get camp set up before it gets dark,” Stevefinally said after a awkward silence. “Mike…wannagive me a hand with the gear?” I asked why we weren’tgoing to stay in the camper. “It’s too cramped for allof us, ” Steve said. “Besides, it’s a helluva lotnicer over by the lake and it’s too steep for the truckto get there.We spent the next hour or so setting up tents andmaking a fire in a clearing by the lake several hundredyards away from the truck. While Natalie and I tried tosituate the air mattresses and sleeping bags in ourtent, Kellie and Steve made dinner on the fire. Whenit was ready we feasted on a really tasty meal. Imight have been hungrier than I had realized, but thefood was very flavorful and satisfying. OK, so maybethis wasn’t going to be as bad as I thought.After dinner we sat around the fire and cracked open afew more beers. As we all started to get a littledrunk, Steve and Kellie loudly told some corny ghoststories, then some fairly dirty jokes. I was surprisedto hear Natalie laughing and giggling at the obscenehumor, but after a while I couldn’t help getting intothe spirit as well.Steve was sitting on a log with Kellie seated cross-legged on the ground between his legs. As they talkedand laughed, Steve reached his arms around hershoulders and locked her in a bear hug. Pretty soon hestarted to massage her neck and shoulders. Then hishands began to move lower under her arms grazing thesides of her incredible breasts. All the while he wastalking and laughing, but I was staring at his fingersas they inched toward Kellie’s big, braless moundsrising and falling gently under her T-shirt. SuddenlyI realized that Kellie had stopped chatting. I gazedup to see her looking directly at me with a strangesmile on her face. Her eyes gleamed in the firelight.I glanced over to see if Natalie was observing what washappening, but she seemed to be either too drunk or tooabsorbed in what Steve was saying. Her eyes danced andshe smiled dreamily as she watched the big fireman chataway.Looking back at the couple, I saw that Steve’s bighands were now actually rubbing and massaging Kellie’stits. Her erect nipples were poking through her flimsywhite shirt and in the firelight I could clearly seethe dark shadows of her areolas. My cock started tostir in my pants as his hands kept teasing and kneadingher. She had her eyes closed and a contented smileplayed across her lips.Finally Steve broke the spell by raising his arms abovehis head and letting out a big yawn. “Well, I don’tknow about you folks, but I’m ready to turn in,” hesaid as he stood and pulled Kellie to her feet. Sherose gracefully and wrapped her arms around his neck.Then looking back over her shoulder at us she winkedand said, “Sleep as late as you want tomorrow.Something about this mountain air just makes you wantto stay in bed all day!” Then she giggled and pulledher husband toward their tent.I helped Natalie up and we walked a little unsteadilyover to our tent, which was about 20-feet away fromtheirs. Both tents had battery-powered fluorescentlanterns, and I switched ours on so we could getsettled for bed. Before I could zip the door closed,my wife complained that she had to use the bathroom. Iasked if she needed any help, and she giggled andslapped me on the shoulder. “I think I can handlethings myself” she said, then headed out to find thetemporary latrine Steve had constructed earlier.When she got back I decided I better take advantage ofthe facilities myself, so I groped my way out into thedarkness. I was just shaking off and zipping up when Iheard a female voice almost right next to me.“Did you enjoy the little show?”Startled, I turned around to see Kellie standing there.“What do you mean?” I stammered.“Oh, come on, Mikey! You’re eyes we’re about to popout of your head when Steve was giving me that littlefront-end alignment by the fire,” she laughed softly.“And by the looks of the tent pole in your pants, Ithink you were enjoying it too.”In my groggy state, I couldn’t think of a good comeback, so I just muttered, “Yeah, Whatever.”She laughed again and said, “Well, who knows. Ifyou’re a really good boy, maybe I’ll let you check outthe equipment for yourself.” Then she leaned forwardand quickly ran her hand across the lump in my pants.Spinning around, she headed toward camp. Skippingaway, she looked back at me and said, “Hope we don’tkeep you awake tonight … we might be a little noisy.”I was fully aroused and ready to fool around with mywife, but when I got back to the tent she was alreadycurled up in her sleeping bag. I think all the beerhad gone to her head and she was pretty much gone. Ohwell, guess I won’t get lucky tonight, I thought tomyself, as I started to pull my clothes off.As I was getting settled in, I happened to look throughthe mesh window and I froze. I had a perfect view ofthe tent next door and it was glowing. The lantern inSteve and Kellie’s tent illuminated the dome shape andrevealed a sharp silhouette of the two figures inside.I watched as Kellie obviously got undressed. She waslaying back and raised her shapely hips as she firstpulled off her shorts, then sat back up and started topull her shirt over her head. My mouth was suddenly dryas I saw the shadow of her breasts jiggle slightly asthey were released from the confines of the fabric. Icould clearly see the shape of her nipples sticking ourproudly when she reached her arms back to brush throughher hair.Fearing they might see my shadow staring back at them,I quickly turned off our lantern. I looked back justin time to see the two figures move together for apassionate embrace and kiss. Steve’s hands moved overher body-exploring and fondling. Their mouths workedtogether and I distinctly heard a soft moan floatacross the space between our tents. Steve moved hishead and mouth to her neck and then lower-using hislips and tongue to pleasure her. I heard Kelliemurmur, “mmmm…that feels so good…” But just as hewas about to reach her beautiful breasts, her armreached out and turned off the lantern.Thinking the show was over, I lay back on my sleepingbag. I was too warm and worked up to get inside, so Ijust rested there wishing Natalie was awake so I couldattack her. I thought about waking her up, but then Iheard sounds from next door again. At first it waswhispers and moans mixed with bodies rustling around;but as the action heated up, so did the volume.“Oh, God! Steve… I love it when you do that!Mmmm, baby, you’re getting me so wet!”Steve made a growling sound and said, “Yeah, right.You were already wet. I think you were really enjoyingteasing our guests over there, huh?” Kellie gave anevil little giggle and said, “Well, maybe a little.But somebody needs to loosen those two up.” Then shegasped loudly again as Steve found another sensitivespot. “Well, I’d be happy to loosen your sister up,”he finally said. “She’s a fine piece of ass. I’ll betshe’s hornier than a bunny when she gets heated up.And I know you can’t wait to get in Mike’s pants.”I was shocked to hear this guy talk about my wife likethat. At first I was pissed off, but the more I laythere listening to them rut around, the more I had toadmit to myself that there was something exciting aboutthe idea. After all, Kellie had indeed been teasing meby the fire-then all but propositioned me out in thedarkness by the latrine. As my cock started to groweven larger and harder in my boxers, some wild imagesbegan to go through my head.Natalie and I had never really done anything evenremotely kinky in our sex lives. We made loveregularly, and I was certain we kept each other happyand satisfied. I was also sure we had always beenfaithful to each other without any need to look around.But here I was in this remote place — miles away fromanywhere-with two attractive people noisily having sexright next to me. My imagination got the best of meand soon I had visions of a wild orgy unfolding in thewoods. And perhaps the thing that got me worked up themost was the idea of Steve seducing and taking my wife.I couldn’t help reaching down and stroking my rock-hardpole.In the other tent, things were really starting to heatup. I could hear soft slurping and smacking sounds,mixed with groans from Steve. “Oh, yeah, that’s it,babe. Suck it!” he gasped. I pumped my fist fasteras I imagined Kellie’s head bobbing up and down on hisshaft.After a few minutes I heard them moving around againand this time Kellie cried out, “Yessss…that’s it,put it in…now, baby! Oh, I need you so bad!” Soonthey both began to grunt and pant and I could heartheir bodies slapping together in a steady rythm. Icouldn’t believe how vocal they were as they moaned andurged each other on.Suddenly I felt a small, warm hand grasp my throbbingcock. “Sounds like somebody’s having some fun!” mywife whispered next to me. I glanced over to see hereyes sparkling at me in the moonlight. “Maybe weshould join them.” she grinned seductively. At firstI thought she had heard everything and meant we shouldgo actually “join” them. But then I realized she justwanted to play too. Not needing a second invitation, Iunzipped her bag and crawled in with her.Nat had worn just a T-shirt and panties to bed. Iwasted little time in discarding her flimsy clothing,and soon we were grinding our mouths, tongues, and hipstogether. I was too worked up for much foreplay, andshe seemed ready and anxious, so I reached down andguided my swollen rod to her warm, wet opening.“Oh, ahhhhh! God, that feels so good!” she moaned, as Islid all the way inside her with one stroke. I pulledalmost all the way back out, then threw my hips forwardand plowed back into her, making her gasp again inpleasure. As I started to move in and out with longstrokes, Nat wrapped her legs around my back andgrabbed my ass with her tiny hands to help urge me on.My wife was whimpering and pleading beneath me as Ipicked up the pace, and I couldn’t help wonder if ourneighbors could hear us now. I really didn’t care atthis point, so I got a little vocal myself as I poundedaway with increasing speed. “Yeah, that’s it…youlike it, don’t you?”I hissed at Nat. “Oh yesss….I love it! Please,harder!!!” she moaned in return.I decided if we did have an audience, I wanted to givethem a show, so I raised up on my knees for leverageand really started to pound into Natalie. I don’tknow, perhaps I secretly hoped Kellie was listeningcarefully to how well I was satisfying her sister; but,for some reason, the demon came out in me as I savagelyjackhammered my wife.She was clawing at my back Anime and shoulders now and almostcontinuously groaning. I could feel the familiartingle down my spine and in my balls signaling myimpending erruption. Reaching down, I grasped mywife’s soft, churning ass cheeks and pushed my cockinto her as far as it would go. Then I yelled out,“Damn…I’m Gonna CUMMM!” and held rigid as the whitehot liquid raced through me and exploded deep insideher with spurt after spurt. She continued to rock herhips and milk me dry with her convulsing pussy-her bodytembled and shuddered as one long last sigh escaped herpretty lips.I fell back and we both lay there fighting to catch ourbreath. The smell of sex was thick in the tent. Whenthe cobwebs in my head began to clear, I heard softchuckles and giggles from next door. Then Kelliewhipered loudly, “Good night you two, sounds like agood one already. Sleep tight!” I looked over atNatalie, still breathing heavy with a dreamy smile onher face and her eyes closed.“Maybe we should move our tent farther away,” Isuggested. Nat listened to them still laughing andwhispering for a moment, then she said, “Nah, it’s allright. We’re all grownups. Besides, maybe we’ll learna few things!” She giggled too and leaned over to giveme a kiss before snuggling up against me to sleep. AsI lay there trying to figure out what my wife meant bythat comment, I thought to myself, “This is certainlygoing to be an interesting weekend.”-=CHAPTER 2=-I woke up the next morning to the smell of bacon andcoffee cooking on the fire. I’d slept better than Ithought I would on the air mattress, but I’m sure thenaked wrestling match with my wife during the night hadsomething to do with that. Stretching, I rolled overto reach for Natalie again, but she wasn’t there. ThenI heard her voice and her musical laugh outside thetent. I peered outside the mesh window to see my wifestanding by the fire drinking a cup of coffee andchatting with my Brother-In-Law, Steve. Kellie, hiswife, was nowhere to be seen.Nat and Steve talked and teased each other for a whileas I observed them. At one point Steve made asarcastic comment then grabbed my wife and started totickle her. She squealed and tried to get away, butthe big man was too strong and he easily kept herpinned in his grasp. She seemed to enjoy theattention.I felt strange watching another man obviously flirt andtease with my wife-especially after the comments I hadoverheard the night before. Steve had blatantly saidthat he wanted to have sex with Nat. Furthermore, hiswife-my wife’s sister-had been teasing me with hervoluptuous body most of the evening, then had actuallyrun her hand along the length of my cock in my pantsjust before we retired to our separate tents. Ivividly remembered her cries of excitement as she madelove to her husband right next to where we slept.There were butterflies in the pit of my stomach as Itried to imagine where all of this might lead. I’dnever really thought about being unfaithful to my wife-or about her being unfaithful to me. But the more Iimagined the possibility of bedding and ravishing mysister-in-law, with her incredible, soft curves andwicked smile, the more my libido (and my cock) stirred.On the other hand, I had to admit that the thought ofNatalie getting hot and nasty with someone else-especially this big, rough fireman, who happened to bemy brother-in-law-excited me just as much, if not more.Thinking I must be some kind of a pervert, I pulled myclothes on and went to join the others for breakfast.Natalie blushed a little when she saw me emerge fromthe tent, but she quickly recovered and moved to giveme a hug and a kiss.“You’re up early,” I said, as I hugged her and nuzzledher soft neck. “Where’s Kellie?”“Oh, she likes to sleep in up here,” Steve chuckled.“Plus she might be a little tuckered out after all thefireworks last night!” He grinned and winked at mywife. “I dunno…” he laughed, “Somthin about thismountain air just gets the ‘ol juices boilin! Fromwhat I heard last night, sounds like you two found thatout for yourselves, though. Or maybe that was just thecoyotes howling!”Natalie blushed bright red again as she lookedsheepishly towards me. “Yes, it’s awfully quiet uphere, isn’t it? ” she finally whispered.Just then Kellie emerged from her tent. She yawned andstretched as she came toward us. I couldn’t helpnotice her morning camping attire-a short T-shirtcropped just above her navel under an open flannelshirt, high-cut bikini panties, and a pair of hikingboots. I could clearly see the dark, triangle shadowof her soft bush in the crotch of her panties. I triednot to stare-especially when Natalie punched me on theshoulder.“Morning!” Kellie yawned and stretched again, causingher large breasts to strain against the shirt as shemoved to where we were standing. Steve offered her asteaming cup of coffee and he threw his big arm aroundher while she huddled next to him and took a sip.“Everybody sleep all right?” she grinned mischievouslyas she peered toward us.“Oh yes,” Natalie answered, almost giggling. “We werevery comfortable in our tent.” She seemed to not evennotice her sister’s revealing outfit.“Yeah, I noticed… I mean, that’s good!” Kelliestifled a laugh as she looked up at Steve knowingly.I decided to change the subject. “So what’s the planfor today?”Steve knelt down and began dishing up bacon and eggsfrom the skillet. “Well, it’s pretty much up to you,”he said. “There’s some good fishing in the lake, oryou can go for a hike. Course, you don’t have to doanything if ya don’t want. Just take it easy andrelax. There’s a wooden dock just over yonder that’sgood for layin out and catchin some rays. Whatever yawanna do.”Without a TV or even a telephone, it all sounded prettyboring to me. But Natalie piped right up. “Let’s gofor a hike, Honey! I’d love to take my camera and getsome nature shots.”My wife has been into photography as a hobby for awhile. I indulged her interest financially, but hadnever actively participated. I felt the same waytoday. I wasn’t really in the mood to go trudgingaround the forest hunting for butterflies.“I dunno, Nat. I think I’d just like to stay here atcamp and read my book. Maybe I can finally finish thestupid thing.” It was a lame excuse, but I hoped she’dbuy it.She seemed a little disappointed until Steve chimed in,“Hey, I’ll show ya around, Nat. I know this place likethe back of my hand!”My wife brightened up immediately. “Oh, would you,Steve? That would be so great!” She smiled broadly athim and I thought I felt her shiver next to me. “Youwanna come with us, Kellie? Nat looked over at hersister expectantly.“Nah….I think I’ll pass, this time,” Kellie answered.Then looking directly at me over her coffee cup, shesaid with a sly smile, “Maybe I’ll just hang out hereand keep Mikey company.” I swallowed hard, thinking ofthe possibilities of being alone with my sexy littleSister-In-Law, but everybody else seemed to be happywith the plans as we finished up the meal and cleanedup.Natalie went back to our tent and got dressed for herhike. When she came back out I couldn’t help noticewhat she was wearing. My wife looked pretty dolled upfor a walk in the woods. She had on a little sundressthat came to about mid-thigh. The dress framed herluscious curves perfectly; and when she stood with thesunlight behind her, you could see her shape clearlysilhouetted. Her hair was done up in a ponytail, andas she walked around gathering some items in abackpack, I noticed something else different-herbreasts swayed and jiggled when she moved around. Mywife wasn’t wearing a bra! Suddenly, slightly jealous,I stared having second thoughts about Natalie going offinto the woods alone with my cocky brother-in-law.When they were ready, Natalie kissed me goodbye andtold me to rest and enjoy myself. Kellie was nowhereto be seen, so Steve grabbed a small bag and slung itover his big shoulder. “We’ll probably be gone for acouple of hours,” he said casually. “There’s beer andsnacks in the cooler. Help yourself.” Then as hestrode off with my wife tagging closely behind, helooked back and chuckled, “Don’t do anything wewouldn’t do!”Natalie looked back at me with a questioning glance,but I just waved as I wondered where her sister haddisappeared to. Again I was starting to get mixedfeelings about all this, but the obvious stirring in mypants outweighed any reservations I was having. Ithrew on some cargo shorts, grabbed my paperback fromthe tent and a couple of beers from the cooler, and Iheaded over to the lake to check out the dock Steve hadmentioned.The wooden plank boat dock was only about 50-yards awayfrom our camp. It was about 12′ by 20’ and it rockedback and forth gently with the lazy wake on the water.The sun was shining warmly and I took in thepicturesque scenery before I settled down to read mybook-dangling my feet in the cool water.After only a few minutes, I heard a familiar voicebehind me. “Mind if I join you?” Somewhat startled, Iturned to see Kellie standing there wearing only a slysmile a skimpy black bikini. The scant garment leftvery little to the imagination-her fabulous breastsstrained to stay inside the tiny triangle pieces ofcloth that served as the top, and the thong-stylebottom barely covered her pubic mound.“I love to lay out on this dock. Awesome place to geta great tan,” she chirped, as she moved over next to meand laid out a large towel. “What do you think of mytan, Mike?” I squinted up at her and drank in the fullcurves and tantalizing honey-brown flesh so openly ondisplay.“Uh, it looks great.” I gulped, and tried to soundcasual. “You must lay out quite a bit.” I watched herclosely as she gracefully stretched out on the towel-laying on her stomach with her head resting on herfolded arms.She glanced over, giving me another dazzling grin andsaid, “Yeah, I like to work on it whenever I can. Butyou can’t be too careful with all the damage the sundoes to your skin and all. I make sure I’m pretty welloiled before I lay out. I have a hard time reaching myback with the lotion though, would you be a dear andhelp me put some on?”After everything that had happened so far, I had apretty good idea I was being set up…or at leastteased, big time; but I decided to see how far thiswould go. “No problem, ” I said, and I moved over andkneeled by her side. She handed me the lotion as Istared at the magnificent twin globes of her ass,almost completely exposed by the thong. “Where do youwant it. . .?” I asked with a slightly strained voice.Then we both kind of chuckled at the possibleimplications of my question.“Well, how about just my back, for starters,” shegiggled.I smoothed some lotion onto my palms and started to rubit into her soft skin with a firm, circular motion.“Mmmm… that feels good,” she sighed immediately.“You have strong hands, Mike.”I moved lower until the heel of my hand brushed upagainst the string of her top. She noticed the contactand said, “Mmmff…I hate that stupid string. Italways gets in the way and makes ugly lines on myback.” Then she reached back and quickly untied it-notonly revealing her naked back, but also the sides ofher breasts to my view. “That’s better…” she said,matter-of-factly. “You may continue, sir.”Aware of the growing lump in my shorts, I started tostroke her naked flesh again with my hands. I rubbedand kneaded all the way down to the small of her back-stopping just short of her buttocks.“You’re pretty good at this,” she murmured. “Keepgoing, please. I’ve always wanted my own masseur!”Taking a deep breath, I moved my hands lower. Now Iwas caressing the soft skin of her heart-shaped ass.Little shocks of electricity jolted through my groin.It was the first time I had touched another womanintimately for many years, and my mind was thinking allkinds of things-some erotic, some lustful, and someguilty. After a few moments of massaging her, however,lust took over and I began to really enjoy theexperience.Kellie was starting to moan softly and rotate her hipsin small circles as I continued moving my hands on hercheeks. The lotion had long been rubbed into her skinand now I was just massaging her sweet bottom for thepleasure of it. As I moved lower, my thumbs began tocreep into the soft juncture between her slightlyspread thighs. One finger brushed lightly against thethin strip of fabric between her legs; it was warm andmoist and an electric shock seemed to go through herbody when I touched her there. She arched her hips upand groaned softly. “I’ll give you an hour to stopthat…” she whispered.Finally I decided I better at least pretend to do whatI had been asked, so I reluctantly squeezed some morelotion in my palms and began working on the backs ofher long, lovely legs. Working my way down to herfeet, she continued to coo and sigh while my fingersworked their magic.“There ya go. . .all finished!” I announced at last.“That’s what you think, buster,” she exclaimed. Then,without warning, she rolled over onto her back. Theflimsy top stayed under her on the towel, and suddenlyI was staring at her magnificent naked tits while theyjiggled slightly and settled-her hard, erect nipplesstood up proudly. She placed her hands and arms behindher head and smiled at me through half-closed eyes.“Maybe you could help me with my front, too…Mike.”Almost like I was in a trance, I reached out and beganto fondle her beautiful breasts. There was no morepretense of suntan lotion, only a man touching andcaressing a sexy, desirable woman. A woman who justhappened to be my wife’s sister. But that thought andany guilt associated with it was fading rapidly away.Kellie groaned and bit her lower lip as I continued tomassage and tease her sensitive flesh. My thumbsgrazed her nipples and rubbed the hard nubs in smallcircles-teasing them til they were even harder. Ishifted closer to her and reached my head down to takeone of her rosebuds in my mouth-sucking and swirling mytongue around the turgid pink skin. She gasped loudlybeneath me and one of her hands reached down to graspme through my pants. Urgently she milked my cockthrough the cloth as I continued to suck and play withher breasts.She tried to open the button fly of my pants with onehand, but I moved away and snaked my tongue down hersmooth stomach, leaving a wet trail to her belly-button. I teased her there with soft jabs and kisses,making her jerk and raise her hips up to meet my mouth.Moving lower still, I reached the elastic of the bikinibottom. Kellie tangled her fingers in my hair andmoaned in appreciation as my teeth grasped the fabricand pulled it down, revealing the fine little raven-colored hairs covering her mound.I scooted around until I was kneeling between her legs.Hooking my fingers in the strings at her hips, I pulledthe bikini part way down her thighs, then leaned downand inhaled her wonderful musky scent. Her bush wastrimmed neatly and I could easily make out the darkline between her lips. My wife’s sister panted andmoaned as she humped herself up. . .eagerly trying tomake contact with my waiting mouth and tongue.Finally I had to taste her. I kissed softly around herinner thighs, then when I thought she would scream infrustration, I swiped my tongue across the entirelength of her vagina. She tensed and cried out with ajolt of pure pleasure as I began to lap and swirl ather moist opening. Kellie tasted different than mywife, but very sweet and pleasant. I was surprised athow wet she was already, but I lapped up her juiceslike it was honey.“Oh, god…that feels so damn good!” she wailed.“Please, don’t stop…don’t ever stop!!!!”I pressed her thighs as far apart as they would go,then I began to spear my tongue inside her, pushing itas deep as possible into her throbbing pussy. Shecontinued to gasp and grunt, as I licked my way up toher swollen clitoris peeking out from its fleshy hood.I began to swirl my tongue around the hard little budrelentlessly. Kellie trembled and shuddered beneathme, clenching her hands and fingers in my hair, andpressing my mouth harder against her sex.“Oh, Mike…” she moaned. “Oh, shit…I think you’regonna make me come…oh, ahhhhh!”I held on for dear life while she bucked and whimpered.When I could feel her body start to spasm, I reached upand tweaked her nipples with my fingers while Icontinued to lap at her like a thirsty dog. Suddenlyshe threw her hips way up off the deck and held themthere rigid against my mouth. Every sleek muscle inher body tensed and strained as she went over the edgewith wave after wave of pleasure.“Yeeesssss…that’s it!” she hissed. “Right there!Oh, god… I’m cummmmiiiiiinnnnnngggggggggg!”She stayed frozen in that position for a moment whileshe rode out the first intense shock wave of herorgasm. Her eyes were shut tightly and her mouth waswide open as she gave a silent scream of ecstacy.After observing her intense pleasure for a moment, Ibent down and continued to kiss and nibble her untilshe started to come down and relax. She was tremblingfrom head to toe and her hips and buttocks still rockedup and down slightly. Feeling my own need building, Istarted to pull her bikini bottom the rest of the wayoff so I could mount her. Before I could disrobe hercompletely, though, she grabbed my wrists and said,“No, wait!”Startled, I thought maybe she was having secondthoughts. “Did I do something wrong. I thought youliked, I mean, I thought you wanted to…” Now I wasconfused.She opened her eyes and smiled at me wickedly. “Mike,if you don’t fuck me soon, I’m gonna bust. But nothere… I don’t wanna get splinters in my ass! Let’sgo back to camp!”We gathered the clothes and the towel and sprinted backto the tents. Kellie shoved me in her tent and I fellback on the sleeping bags and mattresses while shepulled off her thong.“Let me see that thing,” she almost growled. Grabbingthe top of my shorts, she ripped the fly open andreached inside to grasp my rock-hard cock. Jacking itfuriously with one hand, she urged me to lift my hipsso she could pull my shorts and boxers off with theother.When she had me naked from the waist down, she lickedher lips and smiled at me. “Yummy!” she said, as shebent down and kissed the purple head. Then she openedher pretty mouth wide and engulfed the top half of myshaft in the soft wetness. My Sister-In-Law swirledher tongue around the sensitive tip a few times, thenshe began to bob her head up and down on my swollencock. As she licked and sucked, her hand stroked megently.I grunted and moaned, humping my hips up to meet hersweet mouth. I saw her reach down and finger herselfas she deep-throated me-her nose now grazing my pubichair, while her hands and fingers caressed and tickledmy swelling balls.Not knowing how much more of this sweet te I couldtake, I reached out and gently tried to lift her off mytool. I didn’t want to come in her mouth. She tookthe hint and reluctantly pulled off, her lips smackingwith satisfaction as she looked up and smiled at me.“You taste good enough to eat!” she giggled. Then shekissed me deep and hard-our tongues immediatelysearching and probing each other’s mouth with intensepassion. She pulled away suddenly, and looking deepinto my eyes, placed her hands on my shoulders to braceherself. She swung a leg over and straddled me while Ileaned back on my elbows. Reaching down, she graspedmy erection and guided it to her slick, steamingopening. Then, with her hands on my shoulders again,she sank down slowly and my cock slid deep inside her.Closing her eyes, she paused for a moment to enjoy thesensation. My cock felt like it was in an oven-so warmand wet. I could feel her moisture dripping out andcoating us as we sat joined together, her breastsrising and falling against my chest. Finally shestarted to move-first raising up slightly, thengrinding her hips back down. Again…this time alittle farther up the shaft. I could feel her juicyinner-muscles clinging to my shaft as she rose andfell. Now faster, her breath hot on my neck as shebegan to pick up the pace.I fought the temptation to push back against her. Iwanted to enjoy the feeling of her humping against mefor a moment, so I just relaxed and let her have herway. Soon Kellie started to rock up and down with moreurgency. Her labored breathing was coming in shortpants and gasps. “Uhhh…uhhh…uhhh!” she chanted eachtime she sank back down. Her hard nipples scraped andslid against my corse chest hair with each stroke, andher hands started to clench and claw at my shoulders.Unable to stay still any longer, I took hold ofKellie’s hips and started to thrust up to meet her.This caused a great moan to escape her throat and shebegan to move her hips even faster. The slap, slap,slap of our sweating bodies punctuated our increasinggasps and groans as we hurtled toward mutual release.Soon I felt the familiar stirring of my impendingclimax. Embracing Kellie tightly, I held her to me;then, with a sudden move, I spun us both around so thatshe was now laying on her back with me poised over her.Before she could react, I pulled my hips back so thatmy cock came almost completely out of her. Reachingdown, I hooked my arms under her legs and spread herwide, then I slammed back into her and began to pistonmy swollen tool in and out like a machine.Kellie’s eyes 浪小辉老师千里赴约一边飘窗鸟瞰夜景一边爆操内射骚逼 glazed over she began to pant and beg-clawing and writhing beneath me as I furiously tried topush both of us over the edge.“Oh…uhhhnngg…uhhhhh…uhhh! she wailed. “Fuck me,please fuck me, harder!”Now I had only one thought-to plant my seed deep insidethis beautiful woman. As I felt the hot liquid startto boil up to the point of spilling out, my hipspounded into her and she raised her ass to meet each ofmy thrusts as she rotated her hips and ground her pussyagainst my crotch.A bright light went off in my head and I felt my cockswell up then explode. “Ahhhh…god, here it comes!”I bellowed as I held myself rigid deep inside my wife’ssister. It felt like the top of my head was about tocome off as my molten lava spurted out into her.Somewhere in the distance I could hear Kellie shoutingtoo and could feel her clawing at my back as sherocketed toward her own climax. Finally, both spent, wecollapsed together in a sweaty tangle of arms and legs.Later, as we lay gently holding each other and tryingto get our pulse rate back to normal, I began to haveserious feelings of guilt again. Facing Kellie, Ilooked into her eyes and said, “Ya know, this couldcomplicate things. What should we do about yourhusband and my wife?”Kellie didn’t even hesitate. “They should join theparty. Why should we have all the fun?” she laughed.“How the hell are we going to talk them into it?” Ishot back. “I don’t think Natalie will go for this atall. She’s your sister, remember. It’s just not goingto be that easy!!”“Relax, baby…” Kellie said as she stroked my hair.“If I know Steve, he’s already way ahead of us.”-=CHAPTER 3=-Kellie and I were lounging around the campsite whenNatalie and Steve returned from their hike. We triedhard not to look like we had just screwed each other’sbrains out.My Brother-In-Law was in good spirits as he greeted usand chatted away about this and that. The burlyfireman loudly picked up his wife and spun her around.“So, did ya stay outta trouble while we were gone… ordid ya make ‘ol Mike there crazy?” he laughed. Shesquealed as he tickled her sides, then she looked overat me and winked. “We had a good l-o-n-g visit, didn’twe Mike?”Trying not to look guilty, I glanced over at my wife,Natalie. She was peering back at me looking a littleconfused… her face seemed flushed. “So, how was thehike, Nat. Did you get some good pictures?” I finallyasked.She lowered her eyes quickly and blushed again as shequietly answered, “Yes, it was very nice. Thanks forgoing with me, Steve.” Then she excused herself andwent over to crawl inside our tent. I looked at Steveand Kellie and they just shrugged. “I better go seewhat’s up,” I said.When I got to the tent, Natalie was sitting with herhead on her knees and her arms wrapped around her legs.She rocked back and forth and I could hear hersniffling and trying to hold back tears.“What’s the matter, honey?” I asked with concern.“Something happen while you were hiking?” I was stillfeeling guilty and was praying that she hadn’t somehowseen Kellie and me naked and writhing around together.“Oh, Mike. . .” she began to sob, “I think I’ve donesomething terrible. I’m so sorry.”My guilt turned instantly to real concern. “What’s thematter, Nat. . .what happened?” A sinking feeling wasstarting to grow in the pit of my stomach.“I’m afraid to tell you…I don’t want you to beupset with me.Oh, Mike…I didn’t realize what I was doing. It’sall my fault!”She sat there rocking and crying softly while I triedto process what was going on. I was starting to have apretty good idea that something had happened betweenSteve and my wife, but I needed details. “Natalie. ..” I began, “please tell me what’s wrong. It’s OK. Ipromise I won’t be upset with you. Just tell me.”She struggled with her emotions for a moment longer,then she looked up at me with red, wet eyes. “I’mafraid your wife has been very naughty.” shewhispered.“Tell me,” I said firmly.Natalie wiped her eyes and hesitantly began to tell herstory:When Steve and I left camp he lead me along some trailsuntil we came to a beautiful meadow filled withwildflowers. It was so pretty I just had to take somepictures. I started clicking away, getting moreexcited with each new discovery.Steve followed after me and seemed very interested inhow my camera worked and how to find which shots totake, so I told him all about the equipment and somebasic rules of photography. I don’t know, Honey, Iguess I was just happy to tell somebody else about myhobby. I know you don’t like it very much, so I kindof ate up his attention and got a little carried away.Anyway, pretty soon Steve asked if he could take somepictures. I gave him the camera and he sort of made agame of running around finding things to shoot. Thenhe said he wanted to take some pictures of me. I saidno way! You know how shy I am about that. But he keptdaring and coaxing me. He said I was the prettiestthing in the meadow, and I deserved to have a pictureto remember I was here. Somehow that just made sense,so I told him he could go ahead. He started gettingsilly and wanted to pose me in all these funny ways; itwas fun. We were 国产三人(免费观看更多精彩gv 微信号bzt1208 laughing and teasing each other…but I didn’t think it was anything bad. We were justhaving a good time in the sunshine. Steve kept tellingme to hold my arms up this way, or sit this way-with mybare feet kicking in the air. He came up with allkinds of crazy ideas.While my wife told the story, I couldn’t help havemental images of them romping around the mountains withthe thin, nearly transparent sun dress floating aroundher, and her braless breasts softly jiggling andswaying with each move she made. I envied the sightSteve must have enjoyed as she kicked up her lovelybare legs and laughed. I remembered how the sun shonethrough her dress- perfectly outlining her sexy shapeunderneath. Breathtaking. As Natalie continued, Icame out of my daydream.After a while Steve asked me to play with my dress alittle; you know, kind of swishing it around like alittle girl or something. He said he was getting somegreat shots and kept urging me on. He would say thingslike-I should be a model and, I could sell thesepictures to a magazine, stuff like that. Honey, likeI said, I just sort of got carried away with what hewas saying. It went to my head and soon I was liftingup my dress pretty high, and doing things that Inormally wouldn’t ever do.Then Steve said I should let my hair down. He told methe sunlight would make a pretty picture shining behindme. I took the clip off and shook my head. He likedthat and told me to look at the camera and act reallysexy. I asked what he meant, and he said we shouldplay a game like I was pretending to be a model for oneof those nasty men’s magazines. He laughed and jokedwith me and said it would be great to take somepictures like that and show them to you later. Oh,Mike, I don’t know what came over me. The more hetalked about it, the more it sounded like a good idea.He had me lay down in the flowers while he stood overme taking pictures-all the time pretending I was thissexy model and he was the photographer. It was gettinghot and he took off his shirt. I tried to act like Ithought one of those models would act-really seductiveand steamy. I knew that my dress was probably showingoff too much as I moved around and posed for him, but Ireally didn’t think about it seriously until he made acomment about how pretty my panties were.At first I was startled and began to think we had gonetoo far, but he kept smooth-talking like he was thisprofessional and it was nothing he hadn’t seen amillion times. Then he said why don’t you pull up yourdress a little higher so we can take some shots ofthose pretty little panties-just like those Victoria’sSecret models. Somehow that made it all right in mylittle brain. After all, I had seen hundreds ofpictures of pretty women in those catalogs showing offtheir underwear. What was the big deal? So, before Irealized what I was doing, I hiked my dress all the wayup past my waist. I could feel the cool air on my skinand somehow I started to feel a little wicked whileSteve hovered over me clicking away. Then Steve said Ishould take the dress off and really take some pictureslike in those magazines. It was almost like I wasdrunk. For some reason the game and the play-actinghad just gone to my head. I realized I was enjoyingmyself and I wasn’t even thinking about being halfnaked with this strange man out in the woods.Somewhere deep inside I knew it was wrong, but he keptcomplimenting me and telling me how sexy I looked andsuddenly I just did it. I pulled the dress all the wayoff and lay back down in the flowers.At this point Natalie stopped telling the story.Burying her face in her hands, she cried, “I don’t wantto tell you anymore. I can’t imagine what you mustthink of me!”My heart was pounding in my chest; and, to my surprise,my cock was throbbing in my pants. “Please, Nat… youhave to tell me everything,” I whispered.Shaking her head, and with her eyes still closed, shestruggled to continue.Well, Steve kept telling me what to do. He kneeleddown beside me and told me to touch myself. I didn’tknow what he meant, so I just kind of hugged myself andrubbed my shoulders. No, touch yourself here, he said,and pointed to my breasts while he aimed the cameraagain. Slowly I let my hands fall down and I touchedthem. It felt good. No, it felt wonderful! I closedmy eyes and I started to feel myself all over-imaginingthat it was you or someone else touching me. I think Ieven forgot about Steve and the camera for a minute.All I could think about was being naked and makinglove. Then I heard Steve 小哥哥 say “lower…” Almost like Iwas hypnotized, my hands moved down farther on mytummy. I was starting to feel so warm and tingly allover. It was like a dream. I don’t know how long Istayed like that-rubbing and touching my warm skin allover. Then Steve said that my panties were getting wetand that I should touch myself there. Withoutthinking, I reached down to feel between my legs.There was a big wet spot on the crotch, and when Irubbed a little, my head started to spin. It felt sogood I had to keep rubbing myself.Steve kept taking pictures and told me to put my handinside my panties. That’s pretty much what I needed todo anyway, so I reached my hand inside and touchedmyself there. I couldn’t help it…I had tomasturbate. I was beginning to feel like I wanted tocome so bad! That’s when I felt Steve on me. Before Iknew what had happened, he was next to me kissing andlicking me all over. I opened my eyes and saw that hewas naked. He’d taken off his shorts and his big thingwas hanging right in front of me as he leaned over. Icouldn’t take my eyes off it. It looked so long andhard, and his skin was so smooth and tan. He saw mestaring and said to go ahead and touch it.I’m so sorry, Honey…I couldn’t help it. I wanted totouch it so bad. I was scared at first, but then heput his hand in my panties too and started to put hisfingers inside me. I thought I was going to faint.Without even realizing what I was doing, I grabbed himand started to jack him off. He tried to pull mypanties off, but I wouldn’t let him. I was afraid ofwhat might happen, so we just kept rubbing each otherfaster and faster.I decided to make him come, and I knew I was gettingclose too. He said he wanted me to suck him and hemoved over so he was close to my mouth. I closed myeyes and did it. It felt so strange in my mouth,Honey; so different from you. He’s big and thick, andI had trouble keeping it in. He held my head up andstarted to kind of push in and out. I tried to keepup, but he was getting anxious and I could feel himswell up even bigger. I almost gagged when he pushedin.He was still using his fingers on me and he started torub my special spot. . .you know, my clit. My hipsstarted to buck and shake and I could tell I was goingto come soon. That’s when I just sucked on the tip ofhis cock and started to pump him faster with my hand.Pretty soon he yelled out and squirted all over me.That set me off, and well, you know what I’m like whenthat happens.“Oh, Sweetheart…Michael, will you ever forgive me? Iam so ashamed. I swear I have never done anything likethis before,” she finally said.“Did he fuck you?” I asked.“No…no, I swear! That was all, ” she cried. “Weheld each other for a while after, then we cleaned upand came back to camp.”I didn’t know what to say. There were so many emotionsflying around in my head. On one hand I was shockedthat this had happened. I couldn’t help feelingjealous about this guy taking advantage of my sweet,but apparently willing, wife. On the other hand, I hadjust fucked his wife silly at about the same time thiswas all going on. In fact, how was I ever going totell my wife that I had enjoyed wild sex with hersister?On top of everything else, I had to admit that thiswhole mess was keeping me incredibly arroused. Evennow, my wife’s story of her fling with my Brother-In-Law had me rock hard and ready to explode.“Listen, Honey…” I finally said. “This certainly isquite a shock. But I appreciate your honesty. Let’sjust work through this and move on. It may take sometime, but I think we can deal with it. We still have acouple of days up here, let’s see what happens.”She looked up and gave me a small, grateful smile.“Really? You’re not going to leave me? Oh, Mike, Ihave been so worried. I love you so much for being sounderstanding!” She pulled me close to give me a hug,but then she seemed to freeze. “But what aboutKellie?” she whispered.I smiled a strange little smile she could not see andanswered, “You let me take care of your sister…”-=CHAPTER 4=-My wife and I were pretty quiet that evening-both lostin our private thoughts about the strange and excitingevents of the last 24 hours. This camping trip hadturned out to be an unexpected opportunity to not onlytest the boundaries of our marriage, but perhaps toalso explore and indulge some of our personal secretfantasies. If Kellie Girls Forced To Have Lesbian Sex and Steve-my wife’s sister andher husband- noticed how reserved we were, nothing wassaid.We enjoyed another delicious Dutch-oven dinner, then weall settled around the fire to drink some beer andvisit. Steve was his normal, “life-of-the-party” self,continually cracking jokes and generally acting largerthan life. It was hard not to like the guy. He was soself-assured and comfortable with his surroundings.Even with the knowledge that he had seduced and takenadvantage of my wife earlier that afternoon, I had toadmit that I found it difficult to hold any grudge orill feelings about him. Somehow I knew he had nointention of offending me by his actions. Of course,his wife and I had done the same if not worse.After a while, Steve said, “How about some smoke?”Grinning slyly, he reached into a small fanny-pack andpulled out a custom-made pipe and a plastic bag filledwith green, leafy buds. “I think it’s high time we allget a little high!” he chuckled.Natalie and I had both smoked pot in college while wewere dating. It wasn’t a major thing, just somethingwe did at parties and on weekends for fun. But sincewe had been married and started to raise a family, wehad put it aside to be more “responsible”. With themood we were both in right now, however, it soundedlike the perfect idea. “Absolutely…” I blurted, thenI glanced over at my wife to check her reaction. Shekind of shrugged and said, “Sure, why not?”Steve fired up the pipe and began passing it around.It had been a long time since we inhaled the thick,pungent smoke in our lungs, so Natalie and I kind ofchoked and gagged through the first few hits. But soonthat familiar relaxed sensation started to wash over mybody. It didn’t take long for us all to get fairlygiddy. My wife is especially entertaining when she’sstoned. She usually just sits and giggles for noapparent reason; the d**g takes away most of herinhibitions, and sometimes she can get pretty loose andeven aroused.My Sister-In-Law, Kellie, seemed to be loose naturally,but the pot made her almost out of control. Shestarted telling dirty jokes and was making suggestivecomments while she draped herself all over her husband-continuously rubbing her hands over him. I watched,floating in a light fog, as she trailed one hand upSteve’s thigh and came dangerously close to graspingthe clearly outlined bulge on display in the crotch ofhis shorts. I looked over to see my wife staring inthe same direction almost like she was in a trance.Suddenly Kellie shouted, “Let go skinny dipping!”We all looked at each other for a moment like we didn’tcomprehend what she had suggested. “Come on…it willbe fun!” she insisted.In my dazed condition, my mind started to consider theinteresting possibilities of us all stripping down andgetting in the water together. After everything thathad happened already, this almost seemed like a naturalnext step. Thinking about it for a minute, I said,“All right, I’m up for it.” Then I turned to Natalie.She sat there unsteadily with an amused look on herpretty face.“Come on, Hon…let’s go for it!” I urged.She busted up. “You’ve got to be kidding! There’s noway I’m stripping naked and getting in that freezingwater!” she laughed. “Forget it.”“We don’t have to go in the lake,” Steve piped up.“There’s a natural hot springs not too far away that’sjust like a hot tub. It’s awesome, I’ve been meaningto take you guys over to check it out anyway.”I looked back at my wife. “That sounds good,” Ioffered. I don’t know why, but now this little outingwas important to me. “You like hot tubs!” I saidlamely. “Yeah, Nat, you like hot tubs!” her littlesister drunkenly laughed from across the fire.Natalie was still giggling with a dreamy, far-awaylook, but I could see she was struggling to considerthe idea. “I don’t know,” she finally said. “I don’tthink I could go in naked, with everybody looking…I’dbe embarrassed.”“Oh jeez, Nat!” Kellie almost shouted, “Don’t be aspaz…it’s just us, we’re all family! Wear yer damnswim suit if ya want, I don’t care, let’s just go!”“Oh, all right.” Natalie finally conceded. “What thehell, I’ll go. But I think I will put something on.”We split up for the time it took to change clothes andgather a few things. Then Steve lead us off into thenight with a flashlight to help find our way along thetrail.After about 15 minutes of hiking, we came around a bendand there was the hot springs in a small clearingframed by a natural cove formed by rocky cliffs thatreached up the mountain. The spring itself was like amoderate-sized pool with grassy banks all around. Thebright moonlight gleamed on the water, and we could seesteam rising up in the cool summer air. It was anideal setting.Steve switched off the flashlight and said, “Let’s getnaked!” He wasted little time in stripping off hisshoes, shirt and shorts; then, without hesitation, hehooked his thumbs in his boxer shorts and skinned themdown his legs. I couldn’t help staring at theimpressive tool dangling between his thighs; it seemedto hang halfway down to his knees, and it was thick andangry-looking-even when flaccid. Glancing over, Icaught my wife obviously staring at his manhood too.Kellie broke the spell by shouting, “What’s the matter,waiting for an invitation?” I looked over to see herpull the T-shirt over her head revealing her large,perfectly formed breasts that I had become intimatelyfamiliar with. They looked just as inviting in themoonlight. She had on her black bikini bottom again,but before she could strip that off too my wife spokeup. “Wow, Kell, you’re sure not shy, are you? Whydon’t you at least leave something on so I don’t Japanese milf Teacher feellike the only one…please?”“Oh, all right…Goody-two-shoes,” Kellie sighed. “Butit’s way more fun if you go all the way. You shouldtry it.”“Maybe later…I’m just not ready yet,” Nat said, asshe kicked off her shoes. She was wearing a T-shirtand some shorts. She’d forgotten to pack a swimsuit.“At least take off your shorts!” Kellie chided her.“You have underwear on, don’t ya?”Natalie looked over at me questioningly. “Go ahead. ..” I said. “I’m going for it.” Then I began to pullmy clothes off. I could sense both women’s eyes on meas I finally reached for my boxers. Feeling playful, Iturned my back to them and slowly peeled the garmentdown my legs-pausing to give them a good look at “my”full moon. I heard Kellie giggling and encouraging mewith raunchy comments about my “cute” ass. Finally Istripped completely and turned around to expose the“Full Monty”, aware that I was half erect. “My, my. ..” Kellie said, grinning.Steve was already relaxing in the water, lighting upanother bowl of pot. “Come on in. . .the water’sfine!” he yelled.Natalie realized she was holding up the party, so shereluctantly unzipped her shorts and slid them down hershapely legs. Underneath, my wife had on skimpy whitepanties. Deciding to leave those and her T-shirt on,she said, “OK, let’s go,” and we all joined Steve inthe soothing, steamy water. The temperature was closeto perfect.The hot spring was fairly shallow-the surface was justabove my waist when I stood up. The bottom was sandy,but there were large, smooth rocks here and there thatproved to be good stools and chairs to perch on; so wesat there lounging, gently splashing ourselves, andchatting while we passed the pipe and refueled a ragingbuzz.We kind of naturally paired up with our spouses atfirst. Natalie sat next to me and I noticed that hershirt had become almost transparent when it got wet. Icould easily see her dark nipples showing through thefabric. “Why don’t you just take that thing off,” Itold her at last. “It’s not hiding anything anyway.”She looked down and could see I was right. Between thepeer pressure and the fresh high she was enjoying, shefinally gave in. Crossing her arms, she pulled the wetshirt over her head and tossed it aside, exposing herglistening breasts to us all. Kellie and Steve bothclapped and whistled with approval.By now we were all pretty stoned. There was a lot ofhorsing-around-splashing back and forth and laughing;we were having a great time. Then Kellie said, “Let’splay a game!”“What game?” I asked.“I dunno, let’s play Truth or Dare.”“God, I haven’t played Truth or Dare since we wereteenagers,” Natalie laughed.“I don’t think I’ve ever played it. . .or at least Idon’t remember how it goes.” I said. “How do youplay?”Kellie explained, “Well, the way we used to play it,you pick somebody and ask them ‘Truth or Dare?’ Thenthey have to pick one. If they pick ‘Truth’ you canask them any question and they have to answer it; but,if they pick ‘Dare’, you can tell them to do anythingand they have to do it…they have to do whatever yousay.”This game sounded like it could create some interestingpossibilities-especially in our current state offeeling no pain. “So then what happens?” I asked.“After the person does the Truth or Dare, then they canpick the next person…and it keeps going like that.”For some reason Kellie kept looking at me while shelaid out the rules.“What if you don’t want to tell about something… orif you don’t want to do what they say,” Natalie saidnervously. “I mean, I know you guys, Kell, you 小处男 asian big cock cam fuck can besick and twisted sometimes!”“Get over it, Sis, you remember the game,” Kellie shotback with a mischievous grin. “Them’s the rules.That’s what makes it fun… anything goes! Tell all orpay the penalty!”“I’m in.” Steve said. “Me too,” I heard myself say.“Oh, what the hell.” Natalie giggled. “I’m so stoned,I probably won’t remember anything anyway! Who goesfirst?”Steve had an idea to take an empty beer can and spin itin the water between us. Whomever the top of the canpointed to when it came close to stopping could choosethe first victim. The can eventually pointed to me.Steve looked up and said, “Go for it, Mike. Who’s itgonna be?”“Kellie…” I said without hesitation. “Truth or Dare?”My wife’s sister had a twinkle in her eyes as shefolded her arms and stared back at me. “Truth!” shesaid, almost challenging me.Realizing the pressure was now on me to set the tonefor this wild activity, I thought for a moment; I hadto make it good. “Ok,” I said finally, “What is themost outrageous sexual fantasy you have that you havenever told anybody about?” I immediately felt proud ofmyself for such a bold question-especially when my wifeslapped my shoulder.But Kellie didn’t even pause to think about it. “Thateasy,” she said. “I’ve always wanted to be in like agroup sex thing where there are people all over me-touching and sucking me and everything. I think itwould be so cool to like, just overdose on sex, yaknow?” She and Steve looked at each other and burst outlaughing. Steve said, “I thought it was supposed to besomething I didn’t know about. Guess again! That suresounds like something Kellie would like.Who’s next?”Kellie looked around for a moment. “Natalie! … Truthor Dare?”I could see my wife struggling with the choice. I knewshe didn’t want to reveal anything like Kellie had justtold us, but she was also afraid her sister would makeher do something really embarrassing or perverted.“Truth…” she finally whispered.I could see the wheels spinning in Kellie’s deviousbrain. “All right, Big Sister how often do youmasturbate, and what do you think about when you do?”Natalie gasped, “That’s two questions! You are sowicked, Kellie!”Kellie snickered, “Answer everything. . .or I’ll justask again later.” I was really interested to hear whatmy wife would say, too.Nat cleared her throat tentatively. “Well, uh. . .Iguess maybe two or three times. . .a week,” shestarted. “What do I think about? I dunno. . .makinglove, I guess. . .”We all groaned in disappointment (although I wassurprised to learn how often my wife admitted todiddling herself). “Everybody thinks about fucking. ..” Kellie said. Come on, give us details about whatyou think about!”“Jeez, I dunno. . .” Nat said, “I probably think aboutromantic things like being captured by a handsomepirate or something and then seduced and taken almostagainst my will. . . You know, stuff like that.” Herfantasy seemed to satisfy the group. It certainly gotme thinking. “My turn,” Natalie said, as she lookedaround. . . “Steve. . .Truth or Dare?”The big fireman didn’t even look surprised orconcerned. “Dare!” he said defiantly.Natalie seemed to struggle with her thoughts again.Then she lowered her eyes, and in a small voice thatsounded almost like a little girl she said, “Show ushow big your. . .cock is. . .”Steve got a big grin on his face and chuckled, “Hard orsoft?”“Hard. . .” she meekly replied.“Well, to do that I’m gonna need some help. Anyvolunteers?” he said as he looked strait at my wife.Natalie still was looking down at her chest. I thinkshe had surprised even herself with her request and wasafraid to go any further.Kellie waited for a minute then said, “Shit. . .I’ll doit! Come here, ya big stud!” We all watched as Stevehoisted himself up and sat back on the grassy bank.His large wet cock was laying passively against histhigh. Again I was amazed at its size and mass, asKellie moved over between his legs and grasped him.Slowly she pumped her small fist up and down-herexposed breasts swayed back and forth with her armmovements.I looked over to see Natalie watching intently. Sheinched forward in the water to get a better view as hishuge organ began to rise and inflate. It didn’t takeKellie long to massage him almost fully erect, and hislarge testicles bounced and swayed under her pumpinghand. Steve had his eyes closed now and his usualsmile was even bigger.“That’s about as big as it gets,” Kellie finally said.She held it there proudly for inspection, as my wifeand I stared in amazement. He was at least nine-incheslong and thick. Slick and hard in the moonlight, withthe big smooth helmet head it reminded me of some kindof missile or rocket ready to launch. Kellie Aniela Kras Nude lookedover at her sister. “Wanna touch it?”“No, that’s OK.” Natalie said softly. “Not right now.”We all heard her declining the invitation; but we wereequally aware that she had left the possibility openfor the future.“Who’s turn is it?” I said to break the akward silence.“Steve?”“Damn…I can’t believe y’all are gonna leave me thisway,” Steve grinned. “All right…uh, Mike! Truth orDare?”I followed Steve’s example and did the macho thing.“Dare…”Steve looked at Kellie who was still softly strokinghis manhood. “Ok, I dare ya to let Kell here do thesame thing to you that she did to me. Let’s see howyou measure up, cowboy!”Natalie gasped beside me. “Kell…you wouldn’t!” shesaid. But I could tell by the tone in her voice thatshe didn’t really seem that upset or shocked. Maybe itwas the pot.“Oh yeah? Watch this. Come here, Mikey! Kellielaughed, as she glided over to me and repeated theprocess of helping me up onto the bank. Looking intomy eyes, she whispered, “Nice,” then she started tosoftly caress and stroke my cock that didn’t need muchencouragement to become fully erect. I’m certainly notas big as Steve, but I can hold my own with most guys.I closed my eyes and drifted off as my Sister-In-Law’sexpert touch made my head spin even more than italready was. “I think he likes it.” I heard Kelliesay, and the others laughed softly.“OK…that’s enough.” Natalie said, putting anunwelcome stop to my pleasure. “Let’s keep going. . .”Coming out of my daze, I spoke up. “Let’s changethings a bit. Since Kellie’s had to do all the work onthe last two turns…let’s let her pick next.” Therewere no objections, so Kellie reluctantly stoppedstroking me and looked around at her sister who waswatching closely. “Natalie! … Truth or Dare?”“You picked me last time!” my wife complained.“So? I can pick anybody I want. What’s the matter,are ya chicken?”“No,” Nat frowned. “OK…Dare, damn it.”My heart started to beat a little faster as I realizedKellie would likely make my wife do something wild. Iwas glad Natalie was starting to get into the spirit ofall this.“All right,” Kellie said. “I dare you to let Stevetake your panties off… with his teeth!” I was right.This would be intense.“I don’t know…” Natalie began. But before shecould object any further, Kellie jumped all over her.“Hey, we all did it!” she griped. “You have to do ittoo! That’s the rules. We all agreed.”Resigned to her fate, Nat moved over by Steve-stillsitting on the grassy bank with his big tool lazilywaving in the air. We watched as he helped her climbout of the water and sit next to him. “How are wegonna do this?” she asked.“Why don’t you just lay back and relax,” he replied.“This won’t hurt a bit!”My pretty blonde-haired wife leaned back and spread herlegs slightly. The wet panties she wore did nothing tohide her feminine secrets. In the bright moonlight wecould easily see the dark patch of her trimmed bush;and below, the fleshy lips of her pussy were clearlyvisible too.Steve decided to take advantage of the situation andplay around a little. Instead of going right for thepanties, he lowered his head and began to nibble andtickle her around the edges. Natalie tensed andgiggled from the sensations, but she didn’t object.Finally Steve placed his hands on either side of herand reached down with his mouth and teeth to take holdof the top edge of the drenched silk. Slowly he pulleddown and revealed her naked belly, then her soft, wethoney-colored hairs.I noticed that Natalie was no longer giggling and herbreathing seemed to be getting deeper. She raised herhips slightly to help him with his effort. Soon hisnose was brushing against her bush. Just slightlylower and his mouth would be right on her sex.Suddenly Natalie moaned… loud. I think it surprisedall of us. Her hips raised up even higher and began togently rotate and rock as Steve kept moving his teethlower.Watching with fascination, I became aware that Kelliewas stroking my cock again. She was still standing inthe water between my legs, looking over at her husbandand my wife. Reaching down, I grasped a handful of oneof her amazing breasts. I heard her purr inappreciation as my thumb found a hard nipple and beganto rake back and forth across the turgid flesh. Inresponse, she gripped my rod more firmly and started topump faster.Looking back at Steve and Natalie, I saw that he hadher panties down past her crotch now, but he was nolonger working at pulling them any further. My wifehad her hands tangled in his hair as he obviouslykissed, licked, and lapped at her sopped opening. Iremember thinking the game was over, as Steve reachedup with one hand and ripped her panties from her body,then spread her legs wide to give him better access.The scene excited me intensely, and I lowered my headto kiss Kellie deeply-our tongues intertwined with hotpassion.My Sister-In-Law broke the kiss and lowered her headdown to take me in her mouth. I groaned loudly as hersweet, wet softness engulfed me. Holding her headgently in my hands, I helped her bob up and down on myshaft. Each time she would raise up, she would pauseand swirl her tongue all around the sensitive head ofmy throbbing prick while she jacked me gently with herhand. Leaning back on my elbows, I looked over to seewhat Steve and Natalie were doing.Steve was now on his back with my petite wife drapedover him in a sixty-nine position. Her tight littleass was arched up in front of his face as he continuedto lap and suck between her legs. He appeared to havea finger moving in and out of her as he licked herwithout mercy. Natalie was doing her best to take hismonster cock in her mouth. Her lips were stretchedwide and her cheeks hollowed in and out while she movedher head up and down. I could hear her moaning andpanting around his huge shaft as she tried desperatelyto return the pleasure he was obviously giving her.Kellie’s blowjob was getting me close to the edge, so Ipulled her off and slid down into the warm water withher. We embraced and kissed each other while sheground her covered pussy against my hard cock. “Ithought we were all supposed to be naked,” I teased asI reached down and stripped the bikini bottom down herlegs and tossed it onto the bank.“Bout time,” she giggled. “Ever fuck in a hot spring?”“Not that I can remember.” I said truthfully.“Where the hell ya been all yer life?” she teased.“Guess I’m gonna have to teach you everything. Comeon, big boy!” She grabbed me by the cock and a led meover to the side. Then she turned around and leanedagainst the edge of the pond. Reaching back, shespread her feet slightly and guided my rock-hard poleup between her legs to her opening. I pressed forwardand pushed into her part way. Even with the warm wateraround us, I could feel the heat of her steaming pussyaround the tip of my rigid meat.Kellie leaned forward and rested her elbows and handson the bank. I grasped her hips and pushed forward,sliding my cock almost all the way inside her with onestroke. Kellie moaned and ground her ass back againstme-pushing me the rest of the way in. I beganthrusting in and out with long, smooth strokes. Myhands reached around to cup and massage her breasts andnipples. Water Lorena Gonzalez Desnuda splashed and sloshed noisily around us,and we couldn’t help but laugh at the commotion we weremaking.I heard a familiar female squeal nearby and looked overto see my naked wife on her hands and knees. She hadher eyes closed tightly and her mouth was wide open.“Oh god…” she wailed again. “It’s so big… I don’tknow if I can take it!”Steve was kneeling behind her with his massive cockpartially buried inside her. He was rocking back andforth gently, trying to inch the throbbing giantfarther into her tight tunnel. To his credit, he waspatient and began to make slow progress as she moanedand clawed at the ground beneath her. “That’s it,baby. . .you’re all wet and slick for me,” he saidsoothingly. ” It’s gonna feel so good when I’m inside.I’m gonna stretch that pretty pussy and fuck you allnight long.” She groaned again in reply and tried torock her hips back against him slightly.I’d never really considered how I would react towatching my wife being fucked by someone else-especially my Brother-In-Law. Somewhat surprisingly, Irealized that, more than anything, it was a huge turn-on. Something about seeing my beautiful bride right infront of me with a well-hung stud giving her obviouslypleasure was wildly erotic. Of course, it didn’t hurtto know that I was pounding into his wife at the sametime!I turned my attention back to Kellie and, grasping hersoft hips, started to thrust into her with moreurgency. She pushed back at me with each stroke, thenshe surprised me by reaching between her legs to cupand squeeze my balls in her hand. The sensation wasincredible; I don’t think I’d ever experienced itbefore. Picking up the pace, I let her know through myactions that I liked what she was doing.The night air was filled with the sounds of sex. Wealmost sounded like a pack of wild wolves as we moaned,groaned, and grunted-urging our partners on andclimbing toward mutual climax.With all the physical exertion, the water was startingto get a little too warm. I suggested to Kellie thatwe join Steve and Nat out in the cool air on the grass.She agreed and we both climbed out and settled downnear them. Changing positions, Kellie laid on herback- raising her knees and spreading her legsinvitingly. I wasted no time in climbing aboard again-pushing my cock deep inside and immediately pistoningin and out furiously.I looked up and noticed Natalie had now taken Steveinside her completely. She cried out with a steadychant as he held onto her hips with a tight grip andpounded back and forth-causing the taut flesh of hersoft buttocks to shake and tremble with each impact.Her breasts hung beneath her-swaying and jigglingviolently. Almost on cue, he reached forward and heldthe quivering tit flesh in his big hands, tweaking andteasing her nipples with his fingers.My balls were churning as I plowed in and out ofKellie, and I could feel the first signs of my muchneeded explosion starting to rack my body. Reachingdown, I took hold of Kellie’s legs and raised herankles up on my shoulders. With a better angle Hot teen &_ immense cumshot ofpenetration, I pushed up on my hands and planted mytoes in the soft turf, then I proceeded to slam into mywife’s sister like a crazed animal.“Oh fuck!” she wailed. “Uhh…uhnnngh … uhh! Yeah,that’s it, fuck me hard… that feels so good!”Natalie and Steve appeared close to exploding too. Mywife was still on her hands and knees and every musclestrained and shuddered against the relentless poundingfrom the big man behind her.Kellie had scooted forward to the point that she wasalmost laying between Nat’s hands-grasping andclenching at the ground. Then something totallyunexpected happened. As Natalie panted and whimperedabove her, Kellie reached up and pulled her sister’smouth down to her waiting lips for a passionate kiss.I think Nat was too close to her orgasm to even realizewhat was happening, or maybe she simply didn’t care,but she returned the kiss with amazing intensity. Theyboth moaned and ground their mouths together with pinktongues battling. I couldn’t help wonder if this hadhappened before.The erotic scene was too much for me. I yelled out andthrust my cock into Kellie as far as it would go;holding it there, my hot load raced through me andexploded deep inside her. The beautiful woman beneathme writhed and shuddered-her hands clawed at my back asshe milked out the last of my thick seed with herstrong inner muscles.My wife and Kellie’s husband were not far behind us.As we collapsed in each other’s arms, I could hear Natwailing and begging Steve to come inside her. I openedmy eyes to watch their finale.Steve was hovering over Natalie like a giant bear. Shehad dropped down on her elbows and her head was almoston the ground while her bouncing ass was raised high inthe air to meet his brutal thrusts. He was almostlaying on top of her back with his arms wrapped aroundher waist. The amazing sight was his hips: theyslammed back and forth at almost inhuman speed; theslapping of their flesh together was incredibly loudand I could also hear the sucking and slurping soundsfrom the joining between their legs.Finally Steve jerked up erect on his knees and let outwhat I can only describe as a roar that echoedthroughout the mountains. He slammed his hips forwardinto my wife one last time-spraying his huge load deepwithin her. Natalie almost passed out. Her eyes wererolled back in her head and her mouth was open wide,but no sound came out.At last Steve finished emptying himself and he fellback away from her. Natalie collapsed too and shefought to catch her breath, breasts heaving and sweatcovering her small body as it glistened in themoonlight. I knew she was all right when she finallylooked toward me and smiled wearily. “Truth or Dare,”she whispered.Later we made our way back to camp. Without anydiscussion, Kellie and I went to one tent while Steveand Natalie went to the other. After Kellie and Irecovered somewhat, we spent the night exploring eachother’s bodies. From the sounds next door, we couldtell Steve and Nat were doing much the same.The next day was our last up in the mountains, so wespent much of the time with our new partners. I thinkwe all realized that what had happened would be tabooin the real world; and, once we went back to our normallives, this relationship would be too complicated ordangerous to continue. So we made the most of theremaining time together. It was one of the mostsatisfying experiences of my life, largely becausethere was no jealously or regret associated with whatwe had done.At dusk we packed up the camp and went home to reality.One thing was sure-I had a new and deep appreciationfor camping.
Post Script:Natalie and I continued to socialize regularly withSteve and Kellie without any sexual relations. Onenight a few months later at dinner, however, our littlegroup had a startling surprise:Both wives announced they were pregnant…
Happy Camping!

Bondage: Katie Gets Fisted.

I left school early that day, faking a dentistappointment and signing out at lunch time. I’ve beensigning he accidentally bumped into my room and fucked me harde my own forms for years and so the forged notefrom my ‘parents’ didn’t raise any eyebrows. Where Iwas headed actually wasn’t far from school at all, inkeeping with my mistress’ ’25 minute’ rule, but Idecided to drive to my ‘real’ appointment straight fromschool anyway, without bothering to go home and showeror change.The woman I was meeting with apparently wanted me outof there “before my hubby gets home”; so maybe this wasall going on without hubby’s knowledge. His loss Iguess, although honestly, I could do without having tosatisfy a ‘just watching’ husband as well today. Thescenario this woman had suggested to me, and thereforeMistress Cassandra, seemed delightfully clinical andimpersonal, I’d prefer to keep it that way.Of course I’m a slave-cunt and so I’ll do what I’mtold. If there were twenty homeless men she wanted meto blow waiting there, I’d do it. But sometimessituations can be that much more erotic if they’reimpersonal and only about the physical sensations. Somany couples on those dating sites suggest ‘meeting upfor a drink first,’ which is I’m sure a good way toensure that the person you’re meeting is who they saythey are in their photos, and also doesn’t define‘kinky play’ as fucking yr corpse while passion-hd greatest gift kamryne jade can give when coming home wearing yrskin.I’m not interested in discussing what people do on theweekend over a white wine in some bar in chapel street.I’m not going to fuck their hobbies, and the bestencounters I’ve found, so far, occur when barely morethan names are exchanged between knocking on the doorand getting down to it.This particular woman actually hadn’t even told me hername. And I liked that. She was a housewife, of thefucking hot trophy-wife variety if her profile pictureswere accurate from my area; blonde, busty, bored anddebauched with a keen mind for things kinky andfetishistic.Hopefully ‘ma’am’ as she wanted to be called didn’tmind me being unshowered. It’s not like I had fuckedanyone else that day (though I had greased my arse upand kept a small plug in all morning in preparation forthe afternoon, and it had been tempting…), andhonestly, have you seen me? Would you object to meturning up at yr door in my tight blue and whitechequered school-dress?It only took ten minutes to drive to the address I’dbeen given. And by now I’m used to driving with my cuntleaking all over the place and only half my mind on theroad. It was a nice large place, quiet street, biggarden and driveway. I parked in the street a fewhouses up and took a moment to compose myself. As wellas a few deep, shuddering breaths to try and put a lidon my horniness, this involved putting on black latexcollar and wrist cuffs, all Chhattisgarhi Film Maya Dede Maya Lele featuring d-rings for easybondageability.I slipped out of my school shoes and into white knee-high lace up, high heeled latex boots. Fucking inboots, I just have a thing for it. Over the top ofthose went latex cuffs similar to the ones on mywrists, fastened at the ankles.A quick look around to make sure the neighbourhood wasstill quiet, then I opened the door and hurriedlywalked up the street, up the driveway and to knock onthe door. Thankfully no-one saw me, no curiousneighbours to question why a schoolgirl in slut bootsand slave cuffs was walking up to this woman’s house.Even then, most people see the dress and the bag anddon’t think about the rest of it, but it was still asmall relief.My knock was answered almost instantly. As calm, cool,and seasoned as we try and be in these situations Ifind almost all of us, regardless of role, areabsolutely jumping out of our skin with theanticipation of how the whole hookup is going to turnout. I mean it’s not hard to be, you’re meeting acomplete stranger, who could be anyone, your onlycontact has been email, maybe a phone call, some photosonline of what could easily be someone else, and you’regoing there with the express purpose of fucking them.So I will confess to experiencing some relief when sheanswered the door and resembled her profile pictures toa t. Most people usually do, but hey…in this case Ican say she was actually hotter in the flesh. She wasabout 37, had a perfect, gym-toned body and surgery-augmented breasts. She was dressed in a short skirt,dark stockings, flats and a tight brown blouse openedto reveal her impressive cleavage.She wasn’t wearing a bra, but if she had been, she justseemed the type to have been wearing something black,lacy, and expensive. Her makeup was understated andstylish, her long, blonde hair contrived to lookexpensively manicured even when just hanging loose asit was now, and her face bore an expression of coolappraisal as she looked me up and down, in my school-cum-slavegirl uniform. I obviously satisfied her gazebecause she smiled slightly and said ‘Katie obviously,come in then, cunt.’Words and language play a big part in the eroticism ofthis lifestyle for me, I have to admit. There’s nothingfucking sexier than watching my mistress fuck a guywith a strap-on while she calls him ‘faggot,’ forinstance. Just that word, the way she says it as shepounds them rougher than desi dhabi gets naked on motorcycle mms – maya any gay porno I’ve ever seen,it’s hot. In fact we have a few rules about words andlanguage designed to remind me of her dominance over mydaily life, as you’ll shortly see.So the fact that I didn’t learn this woman’s name,simply called her ‘ma’am,’ and she only used my namethat one time, for the rest of our time togetherreferring to me with various derogatory terms served toremind me of my place as an instrument for herpleasure, made the experience all the more exciting forme. This woman was dominant, and wasn’t shy about it. Ilike women who dominate me and don’t bother to check ifit’s okay. Slaves are people, just inferior, subhumanones. If we have limits or truly aren’t comfortablewith something, we’ll object. It’s much more eroticjust to trust in that and dominate from the get go,without making sure everything’s okay.She led me into a plush lounge-room, took my bag fromme and placed it in a corner, then sat down on a blackleather couch to face me, still standing in the deepshag carpet in the middle of the room. Crossing herlegs, she took out a cigarette then lit it, exhalingslowly before saying ‘kneel, bitch, hands behind yourhead, chest out.’ I promptly obeyed, kneeling beforeher, just in range if she stretched her legs out. Ithrust my chest out, put my hands behind my head andlooked up expectantly, careful not to look her directlyin the eye until I was given permission. This slavecuntknows her place.She gave another of those brief smiles, not quite asmirk, then kicked off her shoes and extended one long,toned leg, touching Nude police men mature and free gay_cops swallow cum Purse thief my face with her stockinged foot.She probed my lips with her toes and I acquiescedimmediately, opening wide and allowing her to insertsome toes into my mouth. I pride myself in being ableto anticipate some of my dommes’ expectations – and heyif I’m wrong, there’s nothing more fun than beingbrutally disciplined for such shameful pride – and sobegan to demonstrate some of my expert blowjobtechnique on her foot.This was definitely more for show than blow, and justto make things easier (that carpet looked expensive) Iused a hell of a lot less spit than I normally do. Formy impudence I was rewarded with a smile as shewithdrew her foot, and a gentle kick in the side of theface. ‘You’ve sucked a lot of cock, haven’t you slut?.’I replied ‘yes ma’am’ as I swallowed a few times anddrew myself back up into the kneeling-upright position.She got up from the couch and stood towering over me,still appraising me like the expensive cut of meat Iam. ‘Tell me, slut… what is your mistress’ nameagain?’ She asked, drawing on her cigarette.‘It’s Cassandra, ma’am,’ I replied, unsure where thiswas going. My legs and arms were starting to ache alittle but I’d handled much worse before.‘What was that? Speak louder slut, I didn’t hear you’she said sharply.‘I’m sorry ma’am, her name is Cassandra.’‘Hmmmm,’ she took another drag, then indian aunty fucking boyfriend in home, shagging orgy puss hard-core dick dog collar blend in home leaned over me,exhaling in my face. She reached out and slipped afinger under the button-up collar of my school dress.With one deft movement she ripped it open, popping allthe buttons, exposing my cleavage. Holding hercigarette between her teeth, she grabbed the collar andtwisted downwards, ripping the cloth to a pointsomewhere below my tits. The thin cotton, stretched bymy arms being held upright, made this a lot easier.‘Drop yr arms to yr sides,’ she said, and I complied.The dress fell further down my body, and she took outmy 14dd tits, unhooking my bra and throwing it aside,letting my perky young girls swing free. My tits are mybest asset, and she seemed to agree, lifting them inher hands, kneading them, pinching my nipples so hard Iinvoluntarily drew breath, before taking a step backand resuming her contemplation of me.‘Arms back up.’ Again, I complied.‘Tell me again whore, the name of yr mistress, quick!’she snapped. ‘Cassandra!’ I replied, a little urgently,although I dared not let any of my curiosity show in myvoice… where was she going with this? Oh, fuck…theevil grin that appeared on her face. That rule. The oneI forget sometimes.Grinding out her cigarette in a nearby ashtray, stillgrinning, she turned and said ‘yes, I know. I’ve spokento MISTRESS Cassandra. She told me you’re to alwaysrefer her as MISTRESS Cassandra, and if you are sofucking stupid a little whore as to forget to speak ofMISTRESS Cassandra with the respect she deserves, youhave to do a little penance, don’t you?.’Yup, it’s true, if I forget to refer to her as MistressCassandra three times in a row: ‘Yes ma’am,’ I gulpedin reply. To be honest I was playing up my fear alittle bit. I get off on pain and actually like thisparticular punishment. I do it indian aunty fucking boyfriend in home, shagging orgy puss hard-core dick dog collar blend in home very occasionally whenmasturbating just for fun, but it’s generally one ofthose special tortures I reserve to please my mistress.‘Well then, you know what to do, don’t you?’ shesmiled. Turning to the couch, she took anothercigarette from the packet she’d left there 肥皂 and lit it,handing it to me. I took it with my left hand, takingthe right from behind my head to cup my right boob andhold it up. Announcing clearly, aloud, as I’d beenordered to do if I had to complete this penance.I said, ‘I apologise, Mistress Cassandra,’ adding to mydome, ‘and you, ma’am,’ then pressed the lit cigaretteto the skin of my right areola, butting it out on myskin, burning myself in the process. I sucked in abreath, hissing through gritted teeth, as the burningembers singed my flesh. Being burnt with a cigaretteisn’t as bad as you’ve probably been lead to believeactually. It’s certainly not as bad as being burnt witha lighter. But it still hurts a fuckload.But then again, things that hurt just generally make mewetter.I looked up, again avoiding my dominant housefrau’seyes, but still catching the massive horny grinthreatening to break out over her face. ‘Good,’ shesaid, the cool tone of her voice developing a slightlyhusky timbre and catching in her throat just a little.‘You’re as obedient as you claim to be. The kitchen’sover there dear. Go put some cold water on the burn,then return here and resume the same position, wait forme.’ I did as I was told, soothing the heat with somecool water from the tap, before returning to mykneeling position in the lounge-room, now empty.I probably spent two minutes kneeling upright likethat, hands on the back of my head, elbows out, allmuscles taught and under tension, waiting for her toreturn. The carpet was so deep I wouldn’t have beenable to hear her walking back into the lounge. So whenI suddenly felt the sharp sting of what can only havebeen her foot connecting with my tailbone, sending meflying forward, almost unbalancing me.I barely caught the urge to cry out in time,suppressing my yell into a strangled grunt. I caught mybalance and drew myself upright again. I confess tofeeling a little pride that my hands had stayed intheir position at the back of my head. Don’tworry…after I’m done maid anal shag writing this I’m going to have acigarette. I’ll punish myself when it comes time tostub it out.She chuckled a little, then grabbed me by my ponytail,used it to draw me back, pulling upwards so I had nochoice but to scramble to my feet. She then lifted meby the waist – holy shit, she must work out! – andliterally threw me into the couch.I hit the wooden edge and this time I couldn’t stopmyself from crying out, before rolling onto the groundand landing on my hands and knees, hitting my head onthe floor. It dazed me a little so it took me a fewseconds before I returned to the same upright-kneelingposition, hands behind head, though this time facingaway from the couch.The sight that met me? Wow. All I can say. She was insome kind of lingerie that had to have been custommade, it fit her so well. A combination of dark lace (Iknew it!) and latex. Corset, thigh-high stockings,suspenders, garter belt, no panties, breasts exposed,high heels. Holy shit! It fitted her lithe, athleticbody perfectly, and, with her blonde hair now pulledback severely into a tight pony tail, suited her stern,mature good looks. What I’m trying to say is my dommelooked hot as hell.In her hands she held a pile of bondage implenta.Placed behind her in the middle of the room was apadded horse, the kind you use for vaulting in gyms andare so useful in the adult games we like to play behindthe closed doors of suburbia. If only the peoplewalking past in the street could see through the frontgarden and drawn curtains to what was going on in here.She threw a spreader bar and a chain with a dog-clip ateach end at my feet. ‘You know what to do, bitch,’ shesaid, and I did. I attached the spreader bar to the d-rings on the cuffs around my boots, it kept my legsspread a good three-feet apart. Then with practicedease I attached the chain to the wrist cuffs. It’s notas hard as it sounds. She leaned over me and attached aleash to the d-ring on my collar, and hauled meupright, cg me slightly.Standing with my legs spread so wide wasn’t too bad,and the feeling of the latex of my boots stretchingtight against my legs was lovely. She hauled me over tothe horse – moving with the spreader bar was adifferent story altogether, but something that’s easyonce you’ve got the hang of it – and then shoved meforward onto it. As I hit I went limp, effectivelymaking my body flop over onto the other side, liftingmy arse up into the air.The horse had a series of holes on both sides near thecorners, in which metal rings could be mounted. Shequickly set about doing this, attaching my feet with ashort length of chain looping through the shackles andwrapped around the spreader bar, locked at one end witha padlock. She ordered me to lift myself up and placedher hand on my back, commanding me to stop when my bodywas almost at a right angle to my legs. Using the chainto drag my cuffed wrists down, she placed rings nearerthe top on the other side of the horse and againattached me with another length of chain. My balancewas upset slightly with my center Porn Gifs For Women Tumblr of gravity forwardand I felt like an animal on display, it was wonderful!The horse to which I was now chained was positionedunder a brass light fitting hanging from the ceiling.She took a further length of chain and looped it overthe light fitting, one end attached to my leash.Pulling my head upwards so I was looking straight aheadat a slightly upwards angle, she slipped a leatherthong around the base of my pony tail, drew it tightand then looped the chain to the precise length andattached it to the thong.I now had two chains holding my head in position, onepulling my hair and one cg me slightly around mythroat. The tension was set so I had to hold my head inthat position – at crotch height, natch – otherwiseeither my hair would pull painfully, or the ce-collar would cut too tightly against my throat. It wasa masterful bondage arrangement. Simple, sexy, slightlypainful.I heard the unmistakable click and whirr of a digitalcamera, my suspicions confirmed when she stepped intothe field of view available to my now immobilised headand took a few more shots. She then dragged a coffeetable into position so I could just see it, and thearrangement of lube, dildos, gag, and crop arrayed onit out of the corner of my eye.Some dommes like you to be noisy and incompliant,pretend like you’re innocent and don’t want any of thedepravations they’re inflicting on you. Others like youto be quiet and acquiescent, humbly submitting like theperfect little whore to everything they inflict, untilthey find yr personal breaking point and make youscream in various combinations of pleasure and agony (Ilike those ones the best!). She’d been meticulous inplanning this scenario in her emails, and so as sheplaced the ball-gag in my mouth and buckled itunderneath the base of my ponytail, I knew that was thesignal that I could now be as loud as I liked. Lesschance of neighbours hearing I guess.Just, incidentally, how fucking good are ball gags? Ioften wear mine at home – after my parents are asleepor if they’re out – just for fun while I’m doing myhomework, watching TV, idly playing with myself. Hell,I’m wearing it right now as I type this! I love thefeeling of being Naima Salhi Sex gagged, the way yr spit ends updripping out the bottom of yr lip all around them, thefeeling of yr mouth being stretched, so sexy!She took a few more photos with the camera and thenplaced it on the table, lifting the crop, making sure Icould see. All this was being done in silence and allthe more erotic for it. I could hear the rustling ofcloth as I felt my now-ruined dress being lifted higherup to expose my naked arse. The snip of scissors infabric as she cut my black g-string from my body. Thenthe whoosh of the crop just before I felt the sting asit hit my arse with a snap.The sting and the shockwave rippled all the way up myspine, rocking my body forward. My chains clanked, Igrunted against the gag. She was definitely strong andher swing was powerful. She continued cropping me, mywhole body responding to each impact with a twitch andhigh, guttural grunt, which would probably have been ayell if it weren’t for the gag. She methodically workedme all over my arse cheeks and the backs of my thighs,still in complete silence, as she said in her email,‘warming up’ my skin.The bd was rushing around that part of my body. Icould feel my pussy opening up, dripping thick goo downmy legs and the front of my dress. My sphincter wasclenching and relaxing, in anticipation of what I knewwas coming next. She again took photos; my red arse andthighs, my face, sweat streaked, red, drool escaping mymouth around the gag, loose strands of hair stuck to myforehead with sweat. She put the camera and crop downand picked up the bottle of lube, again walking slowlybehind me, taking my time, teasing me.My pussy was absolutely pulsing by now and I 验证视频 couldn’thelp but groan long and low. I heard her chuckle andmutter ‘you whore, you really want this huh.’ I groanedmy acknowledgement and tried to nod, cg off mygroan as the collar bit into my throat. My anus wentinto pulsation-overtime as the first drop of lube hitit. She began massaging it into my butthole, still alittle open from my attentions earlier in the day. Itwasn’t long before she slipped her thumb in, elicitinganother groan from me.She withdrew her thumb, placing it on the skin below myarsehole, pulling tight, stretching my arse open, todrip more lube in. As she did she said ‘you did cleanyrself out for me, right, whore?’ I tried to say ‘yesma’am’ through the gag and again choked myself tryingto nod. I’d given myself an enema prior to lubing upthat very morning. I regularly enema myself anyway,they feel sexy.‘Good’ she said, and continued massaging lube into myanus, inserting a finger this time, then quickly two.She began thrusting them in and out in a circularmotion, periodically stretching her fingers to widen upthe penetration as she continued pouring lube all overme, it was now dripping down to my cunt and down myarse. She must not worry about the cleaning billsbecause there was nothing down to protect the carpetfrom all the fluids that must be by now dripping offme; spit, sweat, pussy juice, butt grease, lube. Butthen again she looked pretty wealthy, from the houseand the quality of toys being used on me here. I wishwe could all live a life of such luxury.Her hand holding the lube bottle gently massaged myarse cheeks with it, keeping the bd circulating inthe area, as she continued to work fingers into myanus. Four now, the thumb pune plumper ultra-cute aunty missionary sex and blowage indian probing. I’ve had huge thingsup my elastic arse before, including fists, so I knowit’s possible, but the feeling of fullness, of beingexpertly massaged to open up like that, is so, sowonderful, something I hope I never get used to!The thumb was in and she gradually worked her way,penetrating me deeper, getting in to her wrist. Thiswas the part I loved the most, as she got deeper andbegan to make a fist inside me, working her hand intowards my bowels. My whole body was quivering now, mylegs trembling uncontrollably, my back flexing, my headflopping around, flexing against the restrictions ofthe two chains. I was moaning and groaning continuouslythrough my gag, spit flooding from my mouth, down mychin, onto my tits. My ruined dress was practicallyhanging from me by now, and the chains Định_nghĩa thế nào là sướng cả tai và mắt – Nhớ đeo tai nghe were allrattling and clinking as my body trembled.My domme let out the occasional sigh and quietly saidthings like ‘oh, nice, you like that’ but otherwiseremained silent. I imagine she had that same smallsmile on her face as she intently concentrated onopening up my anus though. Soon she was properlyfisting me, working her arm in and out with her handinside me, working up a rhythm, gently fucking me withher fist. After a few minutes she withdrew her handfrom my arse with a loud, sticky, sucking pop. Thatfeeling, like you’re shitting something the size of ababy, is something else I’ll never get used to, I hope!A huge dollop of cunt goo literally dripped out of meas she did that.Walking slowly in front of me, she again smiled,placing the lube bottle on the table and taking up thecamera. She stopped in front of me long enough to catchmy attention, and put all four fingers in her mouth,sucking the combined lube and my arse-juice off them,before returning around behind me with that slow-teasing walk. My cunt dripped again. That was hot.The camera clicked a few times and then was throwngently onto the same armchair I had sat in before. Shehad a few photos of my gape and that’s all she wanted.Personally I would’ve gotten a few photos of her fistin my anus, but these photos weren’t for my pleasure.My pleasure was to be there, tired up, fulfilling herdesires.And Chinese_ass massage handjob pleasure it was, my body was still tremblinguncontrollably, and I experienced a brief moment ofpanic…what if I passed out and choked? But thatthought evaporated as soon as her fist went back up myarse. She went knuckles first this time, the stingingbite against my ring sending searing pain up my spine,quickly followed by waves of orgasmic pleasure as herfist penetrated me deep, thrusting up inside so hardand quick I expected it to come out my mouth. I came. Ishook. My chains rattled.I screamed through my gag. My head shook, I choked,spit flew from my mouth as I gagged and tasted bile.Cum dripped down over my legs from my pussy. My anusrippled and pulsed around her hand and wrist as shefist-fucked me. My domme lost her cool for a moment andsquealed with delight, before resuming fisting me. Irode the cum straight through into a second, thencollapsed against my chains. She still didn’t let upand I felt like I was going to explode, my all thepleasure in my body was going to come boiling out of methrough every skin pore and orifice. I came a thirdtime, I squirted like a fire-hose, all over herstocking-clad legs and expensive carpet. I felt like Ileft my body for a little while.When I came back my body was trembling and I felt likeI’d simultaneously shit half my body Russian porn weight and run amarathon. I could barely hold myself upright. Sweat waspouring off my face onto the carpet with audibledripping noises. She was standing in front of me,removing my gag, holding her hand up to my mouth.Despite my tiredness, my body wanting to just curl intoa ball and pass out, I eagerly extended my sore tongueand licked, drawing in the moisture to my mouth,savouring the taste of my arse juice and lube as Isucked her fingers and tongued her forearm clean. Shesmiled and gently patted my face ‘good whore,’ shesaid. ‘Good little cunt-bitch, and we’ve still got timeto play some more.’She loosened the slack on my head-chains and stoodbefore me, legs spread, guiding my head into her cunt.I knew what to do. I’ve been licking cunt since I wasfifteen. My tongue is pierced, and I’m an expert. Shewas shaved, delicious, and sopping wet. She twisted herhands in my hair and cooed ‘good whore, good littlewhore’ as I lapped away eagerly at my domme’s deliciouscunt, trying my best to repay her for the pleasure shejust gave me.I doubt it was more than two minutes before her griptightened, she grunted ‘ohhh,’ with a rising note onthe end, she tensed, up on tip toes, and then with along, loud ‘AHHH!’ her body relaxed and MOM Passionate creampies for_busty MILF her hot cuntjuice flooded into my mouth. And kept flooding, into mymouth, out of my mouth, down my chin, onto the floor. Ilove squirters!She leaned forward, hands on my head, pushing it down,panting, while she recovered from her cum. I took thechance to relax my body a little as well. When shefinally took a step back from me, she had composedherself again, and gave me yet another of those sexysmiles and said ‘you are well trained, aren’t you?.’I swallowed through my dry mouth and gasped out ‘yesma’am, thank you for letting me taste yr delicious cuntma’am.’She set about releasing me from my bondage, but Ididn’t actually get up until she tapped me on the backand said ‘up.’ Obedience matters. It was damn good tostretch my aching muscles though. She took a thick,black strap-on dildo from the table and threw it on tothe chair. ‘lose the chain and bar, and dress, and putthat on, then sit.’ She busied herself with packing upthe chains and horse, taking them off down the hall towherever they were kept out of the sight of the pryingeyes of normal people.By the time I was naked but for my boots, collar andcuffs, and her strap-on, sitting in the chair, she wasdone and returned with several condoms. Taking one froma packet and throwing the rest on the table, she rolledit on to my fake dick, tugging me down into aslouched/sitting position as she did.Then without any further word, she spread her legs andmounted me in a cowgirl position, taking me balls deep.Grabbing a handful of my boobs in each hand and sittingon the cock, she looked me in the eye and said, ‘Now,you, sit still, and shut up. Don’t thrust, don’t hump,don’t do anything. You’re not meant to enjoy this, youdon’t have the power even though you’re fucking me.You’re just a holder for a dildo for me to pleasuremyself with.’With that, she started rocking back and forth, buildingup very quickly until she was in full bounce, nailsdigging into my tits, hard Big-Tits porn enough that she broke thesurface of the skin in a few places, drawing a few tinydrops of bd.She rode me still harder and harder, all in silenceexcept MILF stepmom pounded by forbidden_cock for the squelching of her cunt and the noises mynaked arse made rubbing against the leather of thechair. I was biting my lip to keep silent, but shewasn’t…this woman’s control was amazing, and sofucking sexy. She seemed intent on cumming with aferocious determination. And she left me feeling thepower of her words…I was a slave cunt, my body wasjust a lump of meat for her to use to orgasm. 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